5 Reasons to Switch to VoIP Without Delay

Although the way that companies conduct their business has changed much over recent years, communication has, and always will, remain a core component of this landscape. However, it’s only natural that technology has transformed the way in which this communication can be conducted. One such way is VoIP. We examine its benefits here.

#1 Stay with the times

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and refers to a way of making phone calls over the internet, without the need for a phone. This makes it dramatically easier to conduct some of your most important business conversations, without being restricted by phone lines.

It is often named as one of the most successful technologies of the last decade, and its user base continues to grow. It’s important that you keep your business modern, and stay with the times with the latest technological innovations. Better still, we can host this for you.

VoIP has dramatically changed the way in which we communicate

#2 More cost-effective

As a business, you primarily have to deal in facts and figures, with profitability being one of the most important. For that reason, you’ll be consistently looking for more cost-effective solutions for your company.

VoIP is one of the best choices if you’re looking for strong technology that won’t break the bank. It is extremely cheap, or sometimes even free, given services such as Skype. Some people have even enjoyed their international call costs being cut by around 90%!

#3 Enhances the communications within your business

By slotting easily into your current IT network, and allowing for a communication system that is highly inexpensive, it will increase the communications within your business. Whether this is between employees or externally with customers and clients, you no longer need to worry about the cost of each and every call.

It also changes the way in which you can communicate too. On a phone line, it’s difficult to have more than two people speaking. But with VoIP communications, you can have whole teams conference calling anywhere in the world. This will also cut down unnecessary communication times by having to make more than one call.

#4 Inexpensive hardware and software

As we touched on above, using VoIP requires very little hardware or software. You simply need your computer, an internet connection, speakers and a microphone. Or, you can simply use your mobile phone, so you aren’t constrained by phone lines or desks anywhere.

There are many VoIP packages available, and many types of hardware available. We can help with the procurement and deployment of this.

#5 Many more features

VoIP also offers a great deal more features to its users too. Being able to make phone calls from anywhere in the world is perhaps the biggest feature. But you can also enjoy things such as Caller IDs, contact lists and extra-virtual numbers. For a full list of features, please find our contact details below.

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