7 FAQs About Cloud Based Backup & Data Recovery

Thanks to “the cloud”, backup and data recovery services have been completely overhauled, and revolutionised forever. Data is safer, and the process of protecting it is much more efficient too. But how does it work? How safe is it? What happens in the event of a disaster? We answer the most frequently asked questions on cloud based backup and data recovery below.

#1 What is “the cloud”

We’ll get the obvious question out of the way first – just what exactly is the cloud, we hear you ask? While this is a question worthy of an article in itself, to summarise, the cloud is simply a network of servers that allows services to be provided over the internet. Maybe this is the delivery of software or, as this article is focusing on, the ability to backup data.

#2 How does the cloud store my data?

Also known as online backup, cloud backup has become an important technology. You will have to setup this service initially, but after this it will continuously backup your data without you having to do anything! Your information will be stored online, ready for you to retrieve at your leisure.

Cloud based backup
Just what is the cloud?

#3 Is it safe and secure?

Yes, it is safe, given that you use the right provider for this service. Any provider that is offering this service in the right way will ensure that your data is encrypted, and so can’t be accessed  by unwanted eyes.

#4 Why is it better than a local backup?

There are several reasons why this is the case, but one of the primary reasons is that it stores your data away from the office. Should there be a problem in the office, such as a fire, your information will still be safe.

#5 Will my internet be slower if it’s always backing up?

It shouldn’t be, no. You may notice a slower connection during the initial setup phase, when the chunk of your data has to be backed up. After this, it work constantly, meaning each small change or new piece of data is backed up, rather than large pieces at a time.

#6 What happens if I lose my data?

Should a disaster happen and your computer breaks or you lose your data, fear not, it is stored safely in the cloud. Most cloud providers will offer several ways in which you can restore this data. The most common of these are web restore and software restore.

With web restore, you log into your provider on a browser, and restore your information. With software restore, you open the relevant software application on your computer, and restore it through that.

#7 How can Shesh Tech help?

We provide a robust managed backup and disaster recovery service, managing everything every step of the way for you. We can also just offer advice if you would prefer!

Protect your data today

Do you have more questions that you can’t find above about cloud services? Or perhaps you have another question entirely? We’re here to help.


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