Business broadband – what should you consider?

In the age of digital innovations, much of what we do is now heavily reliant on a stable wi-fi connection – from social media and communications to online banking.

This internet dependency continues to grow with the introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT) – which will surely see all our wi-fi systems representing one large interconnected web of technologies and devices.

What is business broadband?

Business broadband is an internet solution geared to handle much greater traffic and bandwidth than a standard residential wi-fi solution – enabling it to increase the efficiency of business operations and raise worker productivity.

Why is business broadband more expensive?

Although business broadband is more expensive than home broadband, it is important to consider the range of additional services it provides that far outweigh the additional cost.

Service providers of business broadband solutions commit to giving you a stable and fast connection.  Any problems are rectified much faster than those of home broadbands.

Your broadband solution should be specific to your business’ needs – eg if you’re a smaller company, you may not have the need for a broadband with this enhanced capacity.

What business has free wi-fi?

Due to our preference to be constantly connected, wi-fi has now become a free additional service by many businesses such as cafés, restaurants, shopping centres and hotels.

It has been proven that those public places offering free wi-fi, experience greater customer footfall and dwell times which means you get more visitors who stay longer and spend more[i].

Obviously, the bigger your business, the stronger your network solution should be to offer it to customers – eg a shopping centre where tens of thousands of people visit each day would need a much stronger broadband solution than a small café in a village.

Business Broadband Choice
Business broadband is quite different to home broadband

Business internet security

Enabling potentially thousands of people access to your business systems can be daunting – be it customers or employees.

In order to ensure your systems are adequately protected, you will need to ensure you have a solid IT networking strategy in place[ii].

It is important to ensure that your business wi-fi stays up-to-date as technology continues to evolve at a pace.  The current market dominant force could be lagging behind by this time next year.

At Shesh Tech, we build a deep understanding of your business in order to tailor a service specifically to your business – considering how it operates and the sectors it serves.

Your business broadband solution is unique to you and your IT strategy should reflect this.

For more information as to which Wi-Fi solutions are best for your business or how you can ensure your business stays protected through its wi-fi solutions, please get in touch.



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