Care homes and healthcare providers face an enormous amount of pressure. Our robust technology platform alleviates a lot of this strain.

From safeguarding and quality of care requirements to interactive social activities, technology is a fundamental element and must be thought about and specified thoroughly. At Shesh Tech IT Services, we provide a portfolio of scalable, tried and tested solutions to ensure your care environment is always performing as efficiently as possible.

We enable innovation within care environments according to our simple mantra


Our solutions are end-to-end. We provide a complete solution for your organisation, ensuring we take responsibility for all aspects of your technology. With fewer points of failure we can position ourselves as your integrated technology leaders to ensure you are staying up-to-date with the latest improvements in care technology.

Virtual interactions will never be as good as the real thing. But we can get you pretty close! Our mission is to create a connected care environment. We ensure that residents and patients can connect with their families, healthcare professionals can connect with each other, and management can operate flexibly. This keeps your operation agile and free to adjust to a fast-changing world.

Caring is your business, but it’s also ours. We care about the work we do with you. We take pride in the measurable difference we make to organisations and the opportunities to innovate that we open up for them.

Enhancing healthcare through

Our robust Wi-Fi solutions provide you with super-fast, super-secure and super-scalable network connectivity across your site. All our installations are backed by a guaranteed service level so you can be certain it will work – 100%

A reliable unified communications solution is the key to a high functioning care environment. Our solutions improve productivity, increase collaboration and reduce costs.

We implement all solutions according to our secure by design principles. The care sector have strict compliance requirements and industry regulations and we make sure all our solution adhere to the highest levels of data management practices.

Our tailored support services are centred around your organisation’s requirements. We integrate our teams seamlessly into your operations providing you with the wide range of skills to achieve your goals.