Domain Name FAQs and Understanding the Registration Process

Owning or buying a domain can be a complex undertaking. There’s a range of factors to consider and a registration process to understand. We discuss this topic in our latest article and bring some clarity to the topic.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is simply an address on the internet. Much like a property address a domain name helps the internet user to find their website via the domain name.

What are the component parts of a domain name?

A domain name consists of two main parts:

  • TLD (top level domain) – belongs to the TLD “.com”
  • SLD (secondary level domain) – belongs to the SLD “sheshtech” – this is actually a subdomain of .com
Domain Name Purchase
Buying a domain name is important for modern day organisations

What is the difference between a URL and a domain name?

A URL is a full-length value for finding a website – if you type into your browser you will be redirected to the URL Each website owner will choose the URL they prefer for their site, which could be https://, http:// and also have www (or not). Th exact URL use will usually be set-up by the website designer, if you need any help, Shesh Tech can configure this for you.

How do I select a great domain name for my business?

Selecting a strong domain name can be very difficult, the internet is a mature marketplace and therefore the vast majority of domain names are already taken.

Here are some techniques to select a quality domain name:

  • Best TLD – wherever possible it’s always advisable to select a “.com” or “” domain
  • Name related – in many cases an organisation will want to select a domain closely related to its business name, e.g. com
  • Genre related – sometimes a domain may be available which relates to your business product/service
  • Expired domains – if a domain is not available it can be worth checking expired domain lists. A suitable domain may be available that has recently expired, this domain may also have the added benefit of trading history and some established backlinks

If you are looking to find a suitable domain name for your organisation contact Shesh Tech, we have a wealth of experience and can help with the hunt for the best domain for you.

How do I register a domain name?

The first part of the registration process is to contact a domain registration service, these services can easily be found online, or Shesh Tech can register your domain on your behalf.

The following is the registration process for a domain name:

  • Domain name – choose the domain name you wish to buy
  • Name & contact information – enter all the required information:
    • Organisation name
    • Email address
    • Physical location address
    • Telephone number
  • Domain term length – the length of time you wish to own the domain for
  • Payment details – complete the details so the domain registration fee can be paid

Contacting SheshTech for Domain Name Enquiries

Shesh Tech are just a phone call away from helping you with any domain name enquiries you may have. If you’d like to register, sell, transfer or arrange forwarding for a domain we can help. Simply call us on 0121 573 0081 to start discussions or fill out our contact form for an early reply. We also advise you to read our domain name registration page – for further information about our associated services.


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