Embracing new technology

To achieve long-term sustainable growth, your business must stay one step ahead of its competition. In order to do this effectively, you need to embrace new technologies.

But, before you begin to embrace these new innovations, you need to ensure you have a proactive IT management system in place.

What is proactive IT management?

Proactive IT management is about preparing your systems to detect any possible vulnerabilities before they arise. Avoiding the typical reactive approach, limits the devastating impact these weaknesses may have on your business, if left undetected in the longer-term.

By taking this holistic approach to IT management, your business can confidently embrace new technologies with the assurance that your systems are appropriately protected and equipped to identify any potential ‘red flags’.

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Why is proactive IT management important for your business?

As we become more technologically-advanced, the threat of cyber attacks such as malware, hacking and ransomware also increases. With business’ IT systems becoming increasingly complex as they adapt to new technologies, risk of cyber security breaches increases.

It only takes one small issue to deliver a devastating impact on a business’ performance and reputation.

In 2017, the NHS was targeted by ‘wannacry’ malware, costing the service £90m[i].

The attack – which caused the cancellation of 6,900 appointments – could have been prevented. The hack had been designed to target outdated software which had been left to stagnate.

As the NHS failed to prioritise IT management, as its systems and technologies advanced, it was seen as and, proven to be, a prime target for the malware.

The wannacry hack highlighted that no company is exempt from cyber security risk – no matter how large.

Becoming proactive

There are several steps that can be taken to implement a holistic, streamlined and ultimately proactive IT management approach.

Firstly, it is important to look back as well as looking forwards.  The key is avoiding repeating mistakes by adapting your systems to detect any ‘red flags’ which are easier to spot with the benefit of hindsight.

Once you have the right systems and practices in place, it is important to run regular IT audits to continually test your systems against emerging threats – adapting your procedures to account for these before they arise.

At Shesh Tech, we believe in nourishing your business with innovation to see it flourish – but this can only be achieved if your IT solutions line up with your business strategy.

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[i] https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-41753022

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