How to Enable Remote / Home Working in Your Business

The phenomenon of remote and home working has been rapidly increasing in recent years. While its allure is obvious thanks to the freedom and flexibility that it provides, it has only been possible thanks to the advancements in technology. But how can you enable it for your own business?

The phenomenon of remote working

In 2015, at least 23% of employees were reported as doing at least some of their work remotely. But, it’s not that remote working as a concept is a new invention, it just hasn’t been previously possible.

The creation of the laptop, a portable computer, was the first step in allowing people to work without needing to be restrained by wires and plug points. While leaps and bounds were made in the hardware department, this would have been useless if there wasn’t strong software to match.

Remote working
Thanks to modern technology, you have the ability to work remotely from anywhere

Luckily, this wasn’t a problem. The invention of ‘the cloud’, as well as brilliant communication tools such as Sykpe and collaborative tools such as Google docs have made remote working more than possible.

Now, businesses are able to utilise home working for a whole array of reasons. Perhaps it allows them to add additional benefits to what employees can enjoy at the company. Or maybe it’s just to drastically reduce overheads by having no physical office space. Whatever your motivations for doing so, it can offer numerous benefits. Interested to know how you can enable it for your own business? Read on below.

IT networking

The first and most crucial step to enabling remote or home working obviously comes from how your hardware and software is setup, and which tools you use. Like those mentioned above, an effective remote working setup will be one that utilises several tools.

For this, it’s crucial that you have your IT network installed in the right way. Should you need advice with this, we can offer IT networking support.

Or, should you be a step behind this, and you’re unsure of what hardware you need in order to make a success of home working, then we can help with that too.

Remote management and monitoring solutions

After this, you can setup remote management and monitoring solutions to ensure that you are able to monitor and access your work systems at all times, from anywhere in the world. This means that should your offices be based elsewhere; you can still tap into the network from home.

This is in the same way that we can help to remotely monitor your IT systems too. We will keep a constant eye on your systems, ensuring that they remain healthy and stable. And, should any problems arise, we’ll be on hand to tackle them quickly.

Looking for more information?

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