IT Equipment Relocation – Do’s and Don’ts

Planning to relocate your IT equipment? Whether this is to a new office, or just somewhere else around your worksite, it’s crucial that you handle the operation with the care that it requires. We’ve laid out the most important do’s and don’ts below.

Do plan the move thoroughly

It’s important that you thoroughly plan each and every detail of your office move, from relocating your staff down to each individual piece that makes up your IT infrastructure. This planning will involve several angles.

You’ll need to think about how you’re going to move your equipment with care, and how you’ll be setting it up in your new office. But you’ll also need to think about your business too. Do you have the right business continuity steps in place to ensure everything is still running smoothly for your customers while you’re in transit?

IT equipment relocation
You must take care when moving your equipment

It could also be worth thinking about mail continuity too so that your most critical business communications stay running even while you’re on the move.

Do think about your IT networking

IT networking is the term that relates to your whole IT network. From any large servers and systems to the software you use, it involves many different parts and pieces. When relocating, you’ll need to ensure that each of these areas aligns just as well as it has done previously.

At the forefront of your mind should be security, ensuring that your system remains fully protected in its new location.

Do consider purchasing new equipment

It may be that you may even want to consider brand new equipment to go with a new office. Out with the old, in with the new? We have just the solution. Having spent enough years in the industry, we can both procure and deploy the very best when it comes to IT hardware in the Birmingham area.

Don’t rush your relocation

This is tied into the first point about planning your move, but it’s crucial that you don’t rush. An IT network is made up of many moving parts and pieces, and unexpected things can happen if a relocation operation is rushed! Many businesses in the modern age are built solely around IT infrastructure, so it’s important that it’s handled with care.

Don’t stress about it!

If you’re unsure about what the best setup would be for your IT network, then don’t feel ashamed to get the help of the experts. Using IT consultancy and strategy, you can ensure that you keep your stress levels down, and your equipment working smoothly and efficiently.

Need help with your IT equipment relocation?

If you need help with relocating your IT infrastructure or would like more information on the above, then we’re here to help. Alternatively, if you’re looking for expert IT consultancy and strategy on other aspects of your business IT systems, then we’re more than ready to support you with this too! Please reach out to us here.


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