Hackers Love Small Businesses: 5 ways we keep our client’s (and their customer’s) data safe

by Daniel Clements – Managing Director, Shesh Tech

When having conversations with business owners about the services Shesh Tech provide, I am consistently on the receiving end of the same response:

“We’re a small business, what are the odds that someone is going to want to hack us? Besides, we don’t have the finances to start installing high-end tech”

Unfortunately, businesses with this mind-set are fooling themselves and allowing hackers to compromise their data and more seriously, their customer’s data.

You might think that cyber criminals want to target the big companies, such as Apple or Microsoft, however, a recent study by Symantec found that two thirds of cyber-attacks in 2015 targeted small business. Hackers love small businesses for a few very simple reasons. Firstly, small businesses often don’t have sophisticated defences in place. Simple fishing attacks and malware downloads will easily breach these networks.

Secondly, small businesses hold valuable customer data, whether it be financial or personal data, and cyber criminals see this as an opportunity to steal and sell this data. Thirdly, cyber criminals can target small businesses with automated cyber-attacks. Cyber criminals can script automated attacks that will attack common vulnerabilities such as unpatched software.

Small businesses, that often pride themselves in customer trust and strong relationships would take a serious hit if their systems were hacked. A recent study found that 60% of small businesses close their doors within six months after a cyber-attack.

At Shesh Tech, we work very closely with our clients to make sure their systems and data are safe from minor and advanced cyber-attacks alike.

Securing all angles isn’t impossible

 At a time where systems are more connected than ever before, a simple firewall and an antivirus software will simply not sufficiently shield your business against the latest threats.

Shesh Tech offer many services and solutions to keep clients safe, and to benefit our valued clients we have listed five of the most important services below.

  1. Shesh Tech Managed Antivirus – Our premium antivirus is the essential foundation for any business who wants to begin keeping data and systems secure. We make sure to keep your virus definitions up to date and scan files frequently to pick up any suspicious files.
  2. Shesh Tech Managed Web Protection – Imagine one of your senior employees visits a site that downloads a ransomware virus to their computer. When trying to fulfil important deadlines, they’ll be locked out of their computer data unless they pay an exorbitant fee to unlock their data. Ransomware attacks drain finances, resources and productivity from your staff. This is the reason web protection is a vital method of protection to have in place. It keeps employees from visiting blacklisted and malicious sites.
  3. Shesh Tech Managed Remote Monitoring and Management – Prevention, without a doubt, plays a major role in whether your business will be compromised or not. Keeping your software up-to-date is the first lesson you learn in cybersecurity courses. It can be tricky if you have tens or even hundreds of device under management in your business. Shesh Tech RMM tools have an advanced patch management solution that keeps your software up-to-date with the latest security patches. This protects you from automated attacks that target unpatched software with known security problems.
  4. Shesh Tech Mail Security and Continuity – Email is certainly the most vulnerable method that cyber criminals will use to target businesses. All it takes is an employee to open a seemingly harmless attachment and suddenly your computers and servers descend into security chaos. Shesh Tech Mail Security and Continuity services are the perfect solution for businesses that want to scan their mail for viruses, check that sender information is legitimate, and aggressively filter spam.
  5. Shesh Tech Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery – No security solution is complete without a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery product. Take ransomware, for example. If a member of your staff gets their computer hijacked by malicious ransomware, they won’t be able to complete tasks, access data and as a result will be an unproductive member of the team. By frequently backing up data to secure onsite and offsite storage, you can easily and quickly restore systems to a safe state, allowing your business to get up and running as quickly as possible.
Securing Trust with your Customers is key

No matter what your business, trust is paramount. While a security breach to a large company may hurt their reputation for a few months, small businesses may never recover from a breach on your or your customer’s data. Your customers need to feel they can trust you with their data. They expect you to have good infrastructure to keep it safe. Don’t assume you will never be hacked. And for the sake of a few simple solutions, you can’t really put a price on protecting your data.

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