How we support your successThe Technology Success Lifecycle

At Shesh Tech IT Services we recognise the practicalities of delivering the IT services that you need, and have adapted our process accordingly. By making no assumptions about your business and leading through consultancy, our partnerships with you start strong and are based on evidence-led information to drive decisions, that ensure the right technology is deployed, in the right place, at the right time.

Our Approach for Excellence

Once projects have been delivered and infrastructure implemented, our service desk provides a central point for end users, management or any other key members of your team to raise issues at any time, either directly over the phone or via email. Our proactive monitoring technology allows us to stay one step ahead of potential problems and provide rapid diagnostics for those issues that do cause disruption. This gives us that head start in investigating and solving issues rapidly and effectively either directly with yourselves, or in collaboration with 3rd party providers.

This approach is strengthened with our account management team. They stay up to date with your changing business through periodic reviews and catch-ups which can be as frequent as needed to ensure we continue to understand the intricacies of your business, and how our services integrate with that.

This 3-step coverage becomes much more than the sum of its parts, with both passive and active, pre-emptive and reactionary systems in place, centred around individuals you come to recognise, and who in turn recognise you and the unique fingerprint of your business. This gives us an excellent foundation to respond to issues, and enables the resolution and response rates we are proud of.

What we stand for


By challenging your expectations, it allows us to explore all opportunities to deliver the right solution


The capacity to respond efficiently from difficulties, in order to minimise disruption


We adapt to changing circumstance quickly and respond pragmatically to unknowns


Individual, professional service from people who know your business

Make a Measurable Difference

Evidence-led accountability. Making data-led decisions that drive success for your business


Continuously learning what’s possible and daring to do things differently

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