Capitalise on the changing technology landscapeTechnology strategies that drive success for your business

Many organisations perceive their use of IT as a ‘necessary evil’ in order to keep their business ‘ticking over’. In today’s digital landscape, technology can help drive success within your business and deliver measurable business results. By realising that a robust IT strategy can help keep your business agile in the fast-paced world of technology, it quickly becomes one of the most fundamental areas that your business needs to focus on.

Organisations looking to innovate their technology approaches and strategies often struggle to kick-start this process through the lack of focussed experience and expertise. At Shesh Tech IT Services, we understand that realising and establishing your strategy can be a complex and daunting task, so we’ve developed a dynamic and fast-paced workshop to help you and your team on this journey. Our expert analysts and consultants work with you (through virtual meetings or on-site sessions) and lead your team through an IT strategy and discovery workshop. As expert facilitators, we can help lead your team thorugh one of its most important strategic projects.

Our Technology Strategy Workshops are designed to provide team members and stakeholders in your business with a unique fingerprint of your technology position. We do this by providing an individual, non-assumed approach to understanding your business’s use of technology. We pride ourselves in not giving a generic approach or defining solutions before the challenges have been effectively understood and contextualised. Each organisation works to their own successes and struggles, and we understand there is no such thing as ‘typical company’. By taking this approach we can harness the true understanding of your business and discover the individuality of your business, to give you a technology blueprint that is ‘just for you’.

Our workshops deliver four distinct outcomes for your business, and these goals can be used to add value to your business whether we are your long term technology partner or not.

The workshops enable us to provide you with the best value proposition that is a universally suitable starting point for scoping potential solutions for your business. We will help you understand and appreciate why these solutions may be valuable for your business and identify a compelling reason to seriously consider these changes.

You should never assume that we’re the right IT leaders to work with you, and similarly, we aren’t certain that we will be able to deliver the best value for you either. These workshops act as a period of initial interaction between our teams, which will help us identify the suitability of further engagements between our businesses or existing suppliers.

These workshops will offer your business front-loaded value and benefit in order for us to build rapport, trust, and prove ourselves. Additionally, no matter whether we work together in the long run or not, this tangible and actionable report will mean that no time or resource will have been wasted embarking on this critical journey for your business.

By taking the time to build a unique and specific technology profile for your business, you will be able to identify further products and services that align with your business strategies and leverage them to deliver further value to your organisation.