Preparing for cyber disaster

Preparing for disaster before it happens

The world of technology is developing at a rapid pace.

It is estimated over 4.2bn people now have access to the internet[i].

As we continue to innovate and our systems evolve, the nature of threats facing our systems, changes.  New kinds of risk emerge.

With modern IT systems reliant on frequent and innovative updates, businesses don’t always have time to fully test how well things work before launching them which can lead to system bugs.

The risk of bugs is accepted by many companies – including Facebook which offers a ‘Bug Bounty’ for anyone who uncovers a fault in their systems[ii].

Possible threats

In addition to the risk of bugs, your business faces a wide range of cyber-attacks. These include data modification, phishing, spam and identify spoofing.

However, IT systems aren’t only at risk to cyber warfare, a variety of internal attacks such as employee naivety, internet crashes or out-dated hardware can also cause significant problems. Of course, this list isn’t conclusive – new threats will continue to emerge.

Protecting your business

Most people don’t know if their data is backed up or where to find it.

Many business owners currently rely on One Drive to back up their data but this is only good for 60-90 days – ie you have to identify a file is missing and restore it within this time before it’s deleted and disappears without trace.

It is important to ensure that all of your important data is backed up on a system that works best for your business.

At Shesh Tech, we want to nourish your business with innovation so it flourishes – this involves adequately protecting your business from the new threats that the technological age presents.

This preparation is key to mitigating IT disasters before they happen. If you’d like more information as to how your business can best protect itself – get in touch.



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