Privacy Policy

Please take time to thoroughly read Shesh Tech’s privacy policy before you continue to use our website. Any use of our website and services is done under the assumption that you have fully read the content on this page.

Please read on below for our privacy policy
Please read on below for our privacy policy

Shesh Tech’s commitment to privacy

As a managed IT services business that deals with internet attacks, correct use of browsing and security, we understand the need for privacy. We recognise the need for total privacy and security, and that this is crucial to the success of your business and our collaborative relationship.

We take great efforts to protect any information that you as an individual or business supply to Shesh Tech, and we also take great efforts to only gather information from you that we need.



Collecting your information

To enhance our relationship with you, we collect key information from clients which can be accessed in the client area. This will include information such as personal names, billing information, email addresses, domain data, internet protocol addresses and browser information. It is essential that we collect this information from you so that we can make our work with you more effective.

By working with us, you consent to having your data and information stored with us on our servers in Birmingham, West Midlands.

The use of your information

Below are the ways that we may use your information during our working relationship in order to better serve you:

  • Conducting transactions and processing orders
  • Responding to your requests for our service(s)
  • Record keeping, as required by law
  • Customer service
  • Contacting you, be it for business, legal or promotional purposes
We take our customer’s privacy extremely seriously at Shesh Tech
We take our customer’s privacy extremely seriously at Shesh Tech

By supplying us with your contact information, you have agreed to receive material from us, whether this is to confirm receipt of a recent order, or for promotional purposes. Should you wish to opt-out of marketing emails, then you reserve the right to do so, and this will have no effect on your continued working relationship with us.

We may group together the data that we have gathered from cookies for analytical purposes, which may be shared with third-party clients. However, we will never share your personal and/or business data with any third party suppliers.

Shesh Tech may share personal and/or business data with the software and hardware providers that we partner with, and this is necessary in order for us to deliver to you the most effective managed IT solutions.

It is impossible to fully guarantee internet security, but Shesh Tech takes great effort in ensuring that your information is stored responsibly and securely.


 The use of cookies

We collect data in the form of cookies, such as the web pages that you visit, the browser you are using, and how often you visit our website. Cookies are localised files which are stored within your web browser on your own workstation, and also involve information such as remembering past log in details and passwords.

This is done to allow us to better tailor our website to you, further enhancing your experience and the web-based offerings that we can provide. Most browsers will warn you about the use of cookies when you first visit the Shesh Tech website, and some will also allow you to modify the way that cookies are handled.

You can refuse the use of cookies, but please note this will make our web-based service to you less effective.

Links to third party websites

There may be links to third party websites throughout our own site, whether this is to the partners we work with, client projects we have successfully completed in the past, or sources in our blog content.

Please acknowledge that Shesh Tech has no control whatsoever over the content and information that is displayed on these third party sites, and therefore is not responsible for it. It is your responsibility to review a third party site’s own privacy policy.

Have questions about Shesh Tech’s privacy policy?

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand our privacy policy. If you have any questions about any of the information that you have read above, then we would be more than happy to discuss this with you. You can get in contact with us here.


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