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Managed web security – keeping businesses safe

Much of the work that businesses now do is conducted online, and while this has been great for expanding companies to new heights, the internet comes with a whole host of its own problems, issues and threats that businesses need protection from.

Issues such as spam, malware, employee naivety when it comes to internet browsing, bandwidth limits and incorrect usage of business IT infrastructure are just some of the many problems that threaten business security in the modern age.

A managed security solution from a third party provides businesses with the level of protection, safety and knowledge that they need, helping employees to work effectively and a business to run smoothly.

Business web security and protection from Shesh Tech

We at Shesh Tech are based in Birmingham, but our remote business online security solutions mean that we can offer you managed web security for business wherever you are based, be it Birmingham or further afield. Attacks and internet risks aren’t contained to one location, so neither are we.

Taking the right steps to protect your website is crucial
Taking the right steps to protect your website is crucial

Our scalable web protection package is tailored to your individual business, so whatever your needs may be, we can serve them. While we manage the protection, you are still offered total control over workstation web policies, meaning we can work collaboratively to achieve the results that you desire.

With a managed web security package, we can offer the following business web security features:

  • A safe and secure protection system which will protect both you and your customers from unwanted attacks such as malware, proxies, phishing, adware, ransomware, spam, spyware and botnets
  • Time-based browsing rules and filters for web content which will keep non-work related browsing to a minimum and efficiency to a maximum
  • Extra employee productivity with common-sense web browsing policies, keeping workers focused on work
  • Bandwidth limits and alerts, keeping your costs down
  • Legal liability protection through managed internet security access controls
  • A collaborate approach that allows us to work together on your managed security package

Key features of managed web security

Safe Browsing

Our safe browsing policies mean that all users will be protected from visiting risky or dodgy websites

Scheduled Access

If you wish, you can apply scheduled access hours for when employees can visit non-work related websites

Web Filtering

Web filtering will allow you to permanently block some websites, keeping your employees focused and productive

Bandwidth Protection

Bandwidth alerts will ensure that you can keep workstations running at as low a cost as possible for your business

Policy Lists

You can set your own tailored white lists and black lists to override any category based filters

Intelligent Policies

A business web security package is highly intelligent, and you can use multiple filters and functions to analyse data and help to further reduce the risk of attacks or high costs

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