IT Audits and Healthchecks

Performing regular IT audits and IT health-checks on your business

Just as it’s important to look after your own health it’s crucial that your IT infrastructure remains healthy, efficient, and in a good working condition. While all IT software and hardware is built to last, new developments and adaptations are being created every single day, and systems generally wear down overtime.

Full IT audits will examine everything that concerns the IT infrastructure in your business, whether this is the hardware, software, browsing habits of your employees, data lines, or anything else that contributes to the smooth running of your business.

These audits will involve everything from checking the efficiency of your IT system, right through to security penetration testing to see how well protected you actually are. It is much better to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to the continued efficiency of your business, and waiting for something to go wrong before you react can be extremely costly.

Full IT audits from Shesh Tech

Our team are well-experienced in all aspects of IT, and we know exactly how to test your system to ensure it’s running as smoothly as possible. We can see which parts of your business are most effective, what parts need to be optimised, and where you may need to consider complete changes.

Is your IT infrastructure in need of a health check-up?
Is your IT infrastructure in need of a health check-up?

Based in Birmingham, we can run remote and onsite IT audits and IT healthchecks on your system wherever you are located. Should it also be clear that your hardware is in need of an upgrade, we can help with hardware procurement and deployment services, delivered from our Birmingham office.

Crucially, we can also help to educate you on and implement, long-lasting IT strategies that will grow and scale with your business. The IT landscape is rapidly evolving every single day, and we ensure that our IT audits incorporate this when testing your infrastructure.

Key features of IT healthchecksWhat can you expect from a full IT healthcheck?

Business continuity

How ready is your business for a disaster? Shesh Tech will evaluate your ability to continue after unexpected events, as well as your data backup recovery

A full health check

Know exactly where your business stands with its infrastructure, hardware, software and data lines, and stay healthy at all times

Maximum security

Are there any faults or flaws in your protection plan? We’ll highlight these flaws, and make the necessary changes to safeguard you from any unwanted attacks

Robust strategy

We’ll develop a thorough strategy for your business that’s not only easy to understand, but easy to execute too

Data check

We can assess all of your data, as well as the storage it’s taking up, and help to organise everything more effectively

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Are you interested in full IT healthchecks for your business and its infrastructure? We’d love to help. You can find directions to our Birmingham, West Midlands office here, or you can call us directly on +44 (0) 121 573 0081.


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