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Welcome to the Shesh Tech business IT blog, containing all of the latest news and information from us on our IT business services, developments in the industry and IT tips to keep your business working smoothly. While we primarily work within the Birmingham and West Midlands area, we’re keen to share the knowledge and skills that we’ve built up over the years with those nationwide.

Latest IT news and developments

The world of IT is developing at a rapid pace, and it can be difficult for companies to keep up with what seems to be a new development every single day. This can include the way in which data is stored and sent. There is also a need to monitor and report on the changing nature of IT security threats. IT as much as ever delivers increased level of business efficiency. The benefits that can be achieved for businesses with robust IT infrastructure continue to develop constantly. It is therefore crucial that businesses have an understanding of this changing landscape.

While Shesh Tech Managed Services offer a huge range of services for clients across dozens of industries, we also want to ensure that you gain a deeper understanding of the industry too.

Why Educational Institutions Must Prioritise Penetration Testing to Protect Against Cyber Threats

Education institutions are responsible for safeguarding vast amounts of sensitive student data, from financial information to academic records. The rising tide of cybercrime makes penetration testing critical in order to ensure that institutions’ networks and systems are well protected against cyber threats. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of penetration testing and why educational

Why Domiciliary Care Businesses Need a Comprehensive IT and Cybersecurity Strategy

Domiciliary care is an essential service that supports people of all ages with daily living needs, such as personal care, medication administration, and meal preparation. With an aging population, the demand for domiciliary care services is growing rapidly. Digital technology has significantly transformed the way domiciliary care services are delivered, making it easier for care

Robust cybersecurity is hard enough in the office. Now that everyone’s working from home it’s almost impossible!

It's not just hackers who are a threat to cyber security The recent insurgence of the ‘home worker’ due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has entirely redefined the landscape of ‘cyber-hygeine’. Best practices haven’t changed but now more than ever we need to make sure our employees and teams are looking out for one another when it


In an era where technology  plays such a big role in our daily lives, it is critical to ensure that your I.T. is up to the task! We know outdated systems and unreliable network can slow down the pace we want to work at in the office. It’s even irritating when poor internet connections and

IT Support for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturers are very deadline driven, they need to deal with made-to-order or made-to-stock equipment and so organisation is essential. With regards to compliance they often need to comply with ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 standards.   Shesh Tech help to simplify the intricacies of  these IT management/procurement and compliance requirements.We help manufacturing firms by designing

Cloud data – safety and security

Each and every one of us has heard of ‘the cloud’ at one point or another in our lives – be it at home to expand available data storage for personal files or in the workplace to ensure all documents are secure and readily accessible from any location. The cloud is essentially a network of

Voice recognition – is it secure?

With the introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT), the connectivity of our devices via the internet has greatly increased. This increase in connectivity has given rise to virtual assistants and voice recognition technologies – such as Siri, Google Home and Alexa – enabling voice-activated searches. These innovations in technology have revolutionised the way in

Humans – the greatest threat to your cyber security

The threat of cyberwarfare is evident in every sector. 43% of businesses and 19% of charities reported cyber security breaches in 2018[i]. For businesses and charities, reputation is everything.  A high-profile attack  – which can be as little as a relatively small but highly sensitive data breach – can be enough to undermine consumer confidence

Embracing new technology

To achieve long-term sustainable growth, your business must stay one step ahead of its competition. In order to do this effectively, you need to embrace new technologies. But, before you begin to embrace these new innovations, you need to ensure you have a proactive IT management system in place. What is proactive IT management? Proactive

Business broadband – what should you consider?

In the age of digital innovations, much of what we do is now heavily reliant on a stable wi-fi connection – from social media and communications to online banking. This internet dependency continues to grow with the introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT) – which will surely see all our wi-fi systems representing one

Preparing for cyber disaster

Preparing for disaster before it happens The world of technology is developing at a rapid pace. It is estimated over 4.2bn people now have access to the internet[i]. As we continue to innovate and our systems evolve, the nature of threats facing our systems, changes.  New kinds of risk emerge. With modern IT systems reliant

How is social media affecting your security?

Creating a digital presence online is a significant part of a business’ identity. A large part of this is built from social media – an ever-growing phenomenon that continues to dominate our online communications. We are social determined in 2018 the number of social media users across the world had reached 3.196bn – up 7%,

Technology driving and managing business change

All aspects of technology - from IT systems to security - are integral to business growth. To move forward and succeed, your business must embrace the power of technology. In 2018, reports revealed that over four billion people are now using the internet across the world. With the average internet user spending six hours a

Choosing a Business Broadband Package Which Perfectly Suits Your Business

Businesses large and small are ever-increasingly dependent on internet-access for day to day operations. With many transactions being internet-based, the rise of VoIP, use of cloud-based systems and data storage offsite, etc. a reliable business broadband service has never been more important. With this in mind, here we consider the various aspects of selecting a

Domain Name FAQs and Understanding the Registration Process

Owning or buying a domain can be a complex undertaking. There’s a range of factors to consider and a registration process to understand. We discuss this topic in our latest article and bring some clarity to the topic. What is a domain name? A domain name is simply an address on the internet. Much like

Preparing for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) is a set of guidelines, which are legally binding through Europe for the processing and collection of personal data which originates from within the EU. GDPR applies to every organisation from sole traders to multinational PLC’s and is designed to protect the data privacy rights of the individual. All

VoIP vs Unified Comms – The Differences Explained

Over recent years the technologies used in communication have rapidly changed and evolved. Organisations are moving away from traditional phone networks to network-based internet communication methods. Jargon and technical terms abound in this new world of technology and two such terms are VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and Unified Comms (short for communications). These are

Office 365 Hosted Solutions from Shesh Tech

Office 365 is a range of applications from Microsoft which integrate seamlessly together and work well with businesses, charities, government, at home and in education. Here at Shesh Tech, we have a range of specialist hosted services for Office 365, which we detail in this article. The basic components of Office 365 Here are the

Cloud Data – is it Really Safe and Secure?

If you have any involvement in the world of IT at all, whether it’s working for a technology company or just with personal use computers, then you’ll no doubt have heard of ‘the cloud’. It’s become such an important and widely used piece of technology that it’s even a term that has found itself a

How Humans Are the Biggest Cyber Security Threat

As unfortunate as it is, cyber security threats, data breaches and other unwanted hacks have dominated many headlines in recent years. While they haven’t perhaps been daily news stories, just one high profile hack or data breach can be enough to rock consumer confidence for years to come. And, this isn’t to mention the daily

Managing Security, Compliance and Confidentiality with Microsoft Office 365 Solutions

In a world where connectivity is becoming ever more prevalent, and data breaches, leaks and hacks continue to dominate the headlines, businesses are naturally turning one eye to security. Finding solutions that provide robust and strong protection when it comes to security, compliance and confidentiality are therefore a must-have in the modern age. Microsoft Office

How to Enable Remote / Home Working in Your Business

The phenomenon of remote and home working has been rapidly increasing in recent years. While its allure is obvious thanks to the freedom and flexibility that it provides, it has only been possible thanks to the advancements in technology. But how can you enable it for your own business? The phenomenon of remote working In

What is Ransomware – Why Businesses Should Take Action

Although technology has done wonders to the way in which businesses operate, it has also unfortunately brought with it new risks and challenges. One of these is ransomware, a term that you may be familiar with given the growing nature of threats in the modern age. We have explained more on this below, as well

7 FAQs About Cloud Based Backup & Data Recovery

Thanks to “the cloud”, backup and data recovery services have been completely overhauled, and revolutionised forever. Data is safer, and the process of protecting it is much more efficient too. But how does it work? How safe is it? What happens in the event of a disaster? We answer the most frequently asked questions on

Benefits of Switching from http to https Domain Prefix

If you are just planning to register your domain for the first time, it can be easy to get confused between all the .com,, www. and the http. These prefixes and suffixes are necessary to registering a domain. Another prefix, https, while not necessary, can bring benefits to your new website. Want to know

5 Reasons to Switch to VoIP Without Delay

Although the way that companies conduct their business has changed much over recent years, communication has, and always will, remain a core component of this landscape. However, it’s only natural that technology has transformed the way in which this communication can be conducted. One such way is VoIP. We examine its benefits here. #1 Stay

Remote Management and Monitoring of IT Infrastructure

The world of technology has changed dramatically in recent years. Some of the earliest computers that were invented, back in the 1940s, occupied a huge 1,800 square feet! It’s safe to say that we’ve come a long way since then, and IT infrastructure has developed far beyond this. Now, not only are business IT systems

IT Equipment Relocation – Do’s and Don’ts

Planning to relocate your IT equipment? Whether this is to a new office, or just somewhere else around your worksite, it’s crucial that you handle the operation with the care that it requires. We’ve laid out the most important do’s and don’ts below. Do plan the move thoroughly It’s important that you thoroughly plan each

5 Predictions for Cloud Technology in 2018

Cloud technology is one of the most innovative developments in recent years, dramatically changing the business IT landscape for good. It has enhanced security measures, allowed for the delivery of software much easier, and created a great way for numerous IT services to be offered. Here are five predictions for the technology in 2018. #1

What is Proactive IT Management – Why Your Business Needs It

Proactive IT management is an important concept within the business IT world, and yet one that a surprisingly large number of companies don’t implement. While it may perhaps incur a greater cost initially, it can save you a great deal of trouble, and even larger costs, further down the line. What is proactive IT management?

IT Security Audits – Well Worth the Investment

A business IT system is often comprised of many different parts, pieces, software, and hardware, not to mention the countless people that use the system each and every day. With such a wide variety of factors involved, there can be numerous ways in which the security of your IT can be compromised. Read on to

Office 365 – Moving Your Business into the Cloud

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most popular services associated with what we have come to know and love as “the cloud”. It has helped millions of individuals and businesses streamline their operations and boost their efficiency. But just what is Office 365? And how can it help your business? What is Office 365?

How to Add Wi-Fi as an Extra Customer Service to Your Business

A business broadband solution is great for boosting the efficiency of your operation and for allowing your workers to be as productive as possible. However, it’s not just employees and employers that this kind of Wi-Fi solution can benefit, but customers too. How can you do this? Why might you add Wi-Fi as an extra

Antivirus Software Investment – Preparing a Business Case for the Board

Primarily, a business deals in numbers. Of course, a business is more than just a number, but those at the top must always ensure that their profit margins and turnover stays in the green. This means scrutinising each decision that may incur a cost; do we need to hire that extra person? Do we really

The Benefits of IT Infrastructure Virtualisation

IT infrastructure virtualisation, alongside IT consultancy, is at the core of what we do here at Shesh Tech. While something of a relatively new technological offering in the modern age, it has quickly become a dominant force for businesses needing IT support around the world. We’ve explained more on this concept, and its benefits, below.

7 FAQs About Buying a Domain Name

A domain name is more than just the URL for your website; it is your online identity, and for many customers will be the first thing that they associate with your brand. We looked at seven of the most frequently asked questions. #1 What is a domain name? This is essentially a digital version of

Wi-Fi Solutions – What are the Options?

“What’s the Wi-Fi password?” has become perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions around the world. But, is this hardly surprising, when everything that we do now depends so much on the internet? From our social profiles to our online banking, and our communications to our gaming, many aspects of our lives are now

IT consultancy – Preparing for Disaster Before It Happens

We’re living in a world where IT is developing at a rapid pace. From the first recorded documentation of blueprints for computers to the multi-functioning smartphones that we use today, IT has come a long way in a short space of time. With such monumental developments, a wave of new threats and disasters have surfaced.

Investing in IT Audits and Healthchecks – Prevention is Better than Cure

You can think of your IT network much like your body – it’s a big interconnected web of parts and pieces that make the entity run as a whole. And just as we have healthcheck ups and regular exercise to keep our bodies in order, it’s important to do the same for your IT infrastructure

Is Social Media Compromising Your Network?

The world that we are now living in is dramatically different to the one of just a few years ago, and the dominance of social media is continuing to grow. It has provided many benefits to our lives, and has allowed us to connect with people all over the globe in new ways. This has

Essential Tips for Secure Business Web Hosting

If you’re a business operating in the modern age of technology, then there’s a good chance that you’re reliant on a website in some capacity. Perhaps you have one simply to have an online presence, or it may be that your revenue is totally reliant on an online store, in which case, your website is

VoIP & Unified Communications – Save ££££s Off Your Business Phone Call Costs

As the world of technology evolves and adapts, there continue to be innovations that offer businesses more cost-effective solutions. Some process have been completely replaced with new and cheaper alternatives, but there are some processes that will always remain in any business, in some form or another. One of these processes is the need to

Using Technology to Manage Business Change

If your business is adapting, or you want to take it in a new direction, it’s more than likely that technology will be at the heart of this change. As technology continues to grow, adapt and develop, the world of business has radically changed alongside it. Not only has technology changed businesses, but it’s also

Planning an Office Move – Relocating the IT

Are you going to soon be planning an office move? Whether you’re upgrading, downgrading or looking to move to a new city, your most important and most business-critical software and hardware will need to come with you too. Part of this is your IT infrastructure, and it’s crucial that your business doesn’t stop just because

The Critical Importance of Network Monitoring

Your IT infrastructure, the software it uses, and the internet that it operates on forms one large, interconnected network of all kinds of devices and technologies. This is constantly running, ever-evolving, and having to respond almost daily to a host of new threats and attacks. The critical importance of network monitoring cannot be understated, and

5 Tips to Identify Security Threats in Spam Emails

A study in February 2017 found that there are roughly 3.7 billion email users, with around 269 billion emails sent every single day. Unfortunately, a separate study also estimates that around 49.7% of these emails are spam, and 2.3% of this number contain malicious attachments. While 2.3% as a percentage remains relatively low, this percentage

Hosted vs On-Premise Unified Communications: How to choose for your business?

by Daniel Clements – Managing Director, Shesh Tech Unified communications (UC) are the enterprise integration of real-time communication services such as instant messaging VOIP telephone systems and video conferencing services. In a growing technology market, businesses are opting for unified communications due to its scalable and flexible nature, offering businesses full-featured services at great business

Hackers Love Small Businesses: 5 ways we keep our client’s (and their customer’s) data safe

by Daniel Clements - Managing Director, Shesh Tech When having conversations with business owners about the services Shesh Tech provide, I am consistently on the receiving end of the same response: “We’re a small business, what are the odds that someone is going to want to hack us? Besides, we don’t have the finances to

Recovery: Local, Cloud or Both?

Confucius once said... “In the world there are many different roads but the destination is the same.” While we’re quite certain he wasn’t talking about backup and recovery of your workstations, servers and data, there is an application in there somewhere. There are many ways to provide backup of your most precious data and devices

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