VoIP & Unified Communications – Save ££££s Off Your Business Phone Call Costs

As the world of technology evolves and adapts, there continue to be innovations that offer businesses more cost-effective solutions. Some process have been completely replaced with new and cheaper alternatives, but there are some processes that will always remain in any business, in some form or another.

One of these processes is the need to send and receive both emails and phone calls. Given the fact that most business cannot function without this system, it has led to a whole host of technological advancements making it more cost-effective for businesses to perform these basic but critical tasks. We’ve explained more on this below.

What is VoIP and unified communications?

VoIP, which stands for Voice-over-IP, refers to a new way in which phone calls can be made. Traditionally, the signal would be sent over telephone lines, but VoIP allows for this to be done over the internet, using the cloud. Unified communications expands this further by including other types of communication, such as fax, email, voicemail and SMS.

Your whole communications network, which is so critical to the success of your business, will be hosted on one secure, unified platform with an external provider. Not only does this help to keep everything in one place, but it means your communication system is protected by a team of expert IT engineers too.

VoIP and unified communications
VoIP and unified communications will help to upgrade your communications system!

It is estimated that roughly 205 billion emails are sent every single day, and a large majority of these will be business focused. Businesses simply can’t afford for this facility to fail, and a hosted service helps to prevent potential failures.

Furthermore, you will save additional money as traditional phone lines are typically much more expensive than a VoIP. Many phone calls will charge you per minute, while international calls often cost a small fortune! As VoIP is reliant only on the internet, you simply pay for your monthly broadband bill.

Save further ££££s with a business broadband service

As your communications platform will be hosted on the internet, it’s important to have a robust internet system. One of the best ways to do this is with a business broadband service.

This kind of service operates in exactly the same way as your normal broadband, except it will also be hosted by your third party provider. Having problems? Skip the call centres and speak with the experts immediately, based in the UK.

You’ll also find that it’s only the best, most business-ready broadband service that is provided for this kind of service.

How we at Shesh Tech can help

When so much of business is reliant on communications and the internet, it can be daunting thinking about which is the route avenue to take, or who the best provider might be. That’s why we offer expert IT consultancy and strategy to help you find the best solution for your business.

After completing an IT audit on your current systems, we can help to boost your broadband, and to ensure your communications never falter again! If you are interested in hearing more on our VoIP and unified communications service, please contact us here or call 0121 573 0081 now.


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