Wi-Fi Solutions – What are the Options?

“What’s the Wi-Fi password?” has become perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions around the world. But, is this hardly surprising, when everything that we do now depends so much on the internet?

From our social profiles to our online banking, and our communications to our gaming, many aspects of our lives are now dominated by the internet and a stable Wi-Fi connection. While many of these aspects are perhaps more desire than necessity, when it comes to a strong Wi-Fi connection for businesses, this can make or break a company. So what are the options available?

The rise of Wi-Fi

As more and more processes have become dependent on a stable internet connection, attention has turned to have better, faster and more reliable solutions. Gone are the days of dial-up broadband, now companies have turned to services such as fibre optics for quicker internet access.

Business Wi-Fi
What are the options for business Wi-Fi solutions?

The expectancy among those who use the internet has increased alongside the development of the technology. People expect quicker results to their internet searches, and businesses expect to be able to complete critical tasks as quick as possible.

Our dependency on the internet continues to grow with the Internet of Things (IoT), which sees more and more everyday devices being connected to the internet. Soon, our Wi-Fi systems will represent one large interconnected web of devices and technologies.

Business Wi-Fi solutions

How can you make sure that your business is not only operating at full speed now, but that it is also ready for the changes that the IT landscape will continue to see over the coming years?

Business Wi-Fi solutions are different to those required in a household, given the differing needs between individuals and businesses. This mostly comes down to the fact that businesses will have more users tapping into the network.

The solution that we provide offers some unique benefits:

  • Perhaps the most important aspect to businesses; your bandwidth capabilities will be vastly improved
  • Alongside this, you will be able to create guest portals, meaning guests can access your network, but only the parts that you want them to
  • You will also be offered total control over the way in which your Wi-Fi is run within your business. For example, you can block access to specific websites which hamper employee productivity
  • A good business Wi-Fi network will also ensure that all parts of your business, wherever they are located in the world, can easily communicate with one another

Why should you choose this kind of solution?

A Wi-Fi solution such as this, which is provided by business IT experts, has been designed to ensure that your business is running at the level that it should be. As the demand on businesses increases, a business Wi-Fi solution can scale alongside this.

To help you achieve the results that you are after, an IT consultancy service can help to identify the exact needs and specifications of your business, and deliver a Wi-Fi solution to match. If you are interested in finding out more on this, please get in contact with us here.


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