Updated Infrastructure for Key Community Educators

The Problem 

King David School, Birmingham is a key community asset providing outstanding standards in education in the positive atmosphere of a multi-cultural school set in the heart of Birmingham. The challenges of maintaining an outdated infrastructure, with high maintenance costs and minimal support, presented too high a risk to the delivery of education at the school.

King David School senior leadership team approached Shesh Tech IT Services to address these concerns and give the school peace of mind that their teachers and support staff could continue to deliver the high level of teaching to their students.

Mitigating the spread and risks of COVID-19 outbreaks has added further challenges to the school. Pupils must be restricted to specific classrooms and the ability to share resources across year groups meant that the IT infrastructure needed to have a wider and more resilient presence in the school.

The Solution

Shesh Tech IT Services implemented an updated server environment bringing the outdated and unsupported Windows Active Directory into the current digital age resulting in a reliable and robust resource for staff and pupils to work from.

Schools are a prime target for data loss incidents, and this is a challenge that Shesh Tech IT Services were able to address with ease. Data loss in school occurs most frequently through human error, so Shesh Tech IT Services implemented a robust and secure offsite cloud backup solution to ensure data was safe and quick to recover in the event of a data loss incident.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the school adopted the use of Chromebooks for entire classes to facilitate virtual learning. Shesh Tech IT Services implemented a wide-covering Wi-Fi environment to accommodate the significant increase of wireless devices on the schools network. Additionally, Shesh Tech IT Services ensured that the coverage was across all the classrooms in the school to minimise the need for students to have to move around the school – mitigating the potential spread of coronavirus.

The Results

The challenges that King David School, Birmingham were facing with regards to unsupported and unstable infrastructure are now resolved with a seamless switch-over, during a half-term break to accommodate the priorities and requirements of the school.

Compounded with the additional pressures of maintaining a COVID-secure environment, Shesh Tech IT Services were able to achieve all the requirements of the brief, not just from an IT infrastructure perspective, but from a wider organisational success standpoint.

Staff and pupils now have a reliable and secure resource to use in order to enhance the education experiences and have the peace of mind that they have a local, experienced IT support resource who will proactively monitor and maintain their server and network infrastructure and associated IT resources. In short, we’ve helped the school slash costs while enhancing the level of support they receive.

The Client Experience

Headteacher Stephen Langford says of his experience with Shesh Tech IT Services;

“The day went very smoothly. Yesterday the Year 6 teacher did a lesson with 29 children each on a Chromebook, doing a Kahoot quiz, and children remarked on how quick the internet was. Many thanks – a great success.”


For more information, please visit the Shesh Tech website: www.sheshtech.com.