COVID-19 Business Continuity

Last Updated: 12/04/2020

At Shesh Tech IT Services, we are taking our responsibilities towards Coronavirus/COVID-19 incredibly seriously. We are continuing to follow the guidelines presented by the Government and Health Authorities, and are adapting rapidly as these guidelines change.

The nation now appears to be much more settled into a new way of operating with many of our customers working remotely. Our services-based business continues to remain unaffected and despite our team also working from home, our phone lines and helpdesk remain fully operational. All on-site callouts have been limited to ‘critical’ issue levels only and we appreciate the efforts our clients are making to support our remote support efforts, to allow us to limit these on-site visits. All other non-essential meetings and site-visits have been rearranged for online conference calls or postponed.

Our hardware procurement services, as we have found across the entire sector, have unfortunately been impacted by the current situation. We are working hard with our suppliers to keep products available and get them delivered as quickly as possible. We are, I’m sure you can appreciate, seeing a particular increase in demand for laptops and home-working equipment, so please expect to see additional lead times on these items. Since the pandemic begun we have seen some improvement to our partner’s courier services and we will continue to keep you updated on the relative return to normality of these services.

All of our staff and contractors have been fully briefed on best practice and have been told to self-isolate on presenting with any of the symptoms. We have equipped all of our staff and contractors to work from home, and will continue to do so for as long as required.

These are unprecedented times and we request that all of our clients, suppliers and friends think about those more vulnerable people. Although a primary concern at this time must be our own health, there are those in more vulnerable and challenged positions than us. Each of our team are taking time out of our days to reach out to our family and friends who may be in isolation, and reaching out (metaphorically) to offer support. Please look out for yourselves, but also look out for others.

Daniel Clements
Managing Director, Shesh Tech IT Services