Copyright Statement

Part of the commitment that Shesh Tech offers to the managed IT services industry is educating those who are interested in the marketplace or who are looking to get a better understanding of how our services work.

Through our blog, we provide information about the services we offer, news from the industry, and thought pieces on where we think the future of IT is heading.

We spend a great deal of time carefully crafting our content, ensuring that it is unique and genuinely useful to those that read it. With this in mind, we consider our content to be unique to the Shesh Tech website and owned by us, and any direct replication of this content as a copyright breach.

Please take some time to read our copyright statement below so that you can get an understanding of the way in which we form our content and our views on copyright. Shesh Tech will assume that anyone using our website has both fully read and agreed to the information that we have our laid out here.

Shesh Tech copyright ownership

All of the content, information, and data that you see on the Shesh Tech website is solely owned by unless you see it stated otherwise. This includes text, audio, video clips, images, and photos. Some information or content may be owned by a third party, in which case we have clearly stated this.

Shesh Tech requests that none of the content or information that you see displayed on this website is reused for commercial purposes, whether it is a full or partial reuse. This includes modifications or adaptions to our content.

Using Shesh Tech’s content for personal or professional use

We are more than happy for you to reuse our content for personal or professional use, and you are more than welcome to download our content or print it out. If you believe that the content we have produced would be useful elsewhere, then please feel free to share it on social media or include it as links on other third party websites.

We take time to craft good quality content
We take time to craft good quality content

Obtaining the permission of Shesh Tech

If you wish to reuse the content that we have on our website for a purpose other than a personal or professional one, then we kindly ask that you contact us first.

Please feel free to contact us via our contact page, or send us an email to [email protected]. Once we have received your request, please allow us 48 hours to consider it before we issue our reply.

Please understand that we have taken time to produce all of the content that is listed on this site, and if you plan to reuse it for commercial purposes, it is likely that we will decline your request. We reserve the right to do this, especially if your request is not in the interests of Shesh Tech.

Shesh Tech’s approach to legal action in the case of a copyright breach

Due to the time that we put into the content that we create, we reserve the right to pursue legal action in the instance of a copyright breach. We will first attempt to resolve the situation with the offender without the need for legal action, usually by contacting the third party via email and kindly asking them to remove the copyrighted content.

Should the third party ignore our request, then Shesh Tech may be forced to take necessary legal action.

If you believe that you have seen Shesh Tech’s content elsewhere on the web, regardless of whether appropriate accreditation has been given to us, we kindly ask that you inform us. We can then review the display of the content, and take whatever steps necessary from there.

Do you have a copyright claim to make against Shesh Tech?

We always strive to create 100% unique content, but if you believe that we have made a copyright breach ourselves, please do get in contact with us. We will quickly resolve any issues so that all parties are happy.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Shesh Tech copyright statement, should you wish to discuss this in more detail with us, please get in contact with us here.


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