We choose our partners very carefully at Shesh Tech, which allows us to provide our clients and customers with only the very best software, hardware and services on the market. We rigorously test each partner to ensure that they match the high standards that we set, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re dealing with the very best! You can find out more about our partners below.

Our Partners

Logo - Solarwinds Inc


Solarwinds help MSPs become scalable and more efficient by giving us a suite of tools and resources that help us better help clients. Solarwinds have been in the MSP game for a long time, and have perfected their tools and processes over many years to allow businesses to become more efficient and profitable.
Logo - 3CX


3CX is an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-scale unified communications provider. Their innovative platform means that you can scale up and down your communications systems as and when your business needs it. They seamlessly integrate many forms of communication into one platform so that you can make phone calls, video calls, conference calls and chat all from within one, seamless platform. This is a great platform for businesses of all sizes.
Logo - Bitdefender


Bitdefender’s leading security technologies are miles above the competition. In the recent WannaCry cyberattack hundreds of business-critical workstations and servers were affected. Whilst many cybersecurity technologies were rushing around to see if their platforms stood up to the test, Bitdefender-protected devices remained stable and strong. Customers had the reassurance that their antivirus and antimalware could withstand these new types of attacks. We put security at the forefront of our plans, so it was an easy decision to partner up with Bitdefender.
Logo - 4Gon

4Gon Reseller

4Gon are a leading distributor of quality networking equipment. They stock and support the kit we love, that we then deploy on client sites around Birmingham and the West Midlands. Our close working relationship with 4Gon gives us competitive prices, as well as great support, so we can offer you the best tech at the best value too.
Logo - VOIPon Company

VOIPon Reseller

From the same high-quality distributors as 4Gon, VOIPon have a unique outlook on providing unified communications hardware. With one of our key service offerings being unified communications and VOIP solutions, we need a great hardware distributor to support us in our deployment of this service to clients of all sizes.

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