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The rapid development of IT infrastructure and internet capabilities in the last few years has seen businesses grow at incredible rates, and innovation continues to peak every day. The evolving business IT landscape is exciting to witness, but it continues to present new challenges, threats and hurdles to IT for businesses.

IT services for business

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Employee naivety, web based attacks, downtime and keeping costs down are just some of the many issues that a business has to consider when it comes to IT. Issues such as these, while incredibly important, detract you away from your main focus; your business.

That is why companies such as Shesh Tech, based in Birmingham, West Midlands, have been established with a range of robust business managed IT service offerings, to help protect, serve and grow your business.

Effective IT services are ones that are tailored to the individual needs of your business, as well as incorporating room for scalable solutions and adaptability as the marketplace continues to change.

Below you will find a full list of the IT services that Shesh Tech can offer your business. We continue to expand our service offerings, so be sure to check back regularly.

Fully Managed IT Remote Management & Monitoring

You’re offered total control and total visibility of your business IT at all times, from wherever you may be. The internet isn’t tied to one location, so neither should you be

Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery

Be prepared for any disaster with a hybrid cloud backup and disaster recovery solution. Your data is your business, and it’s imperative that you protect it at all times. Data can be backed up in minutes, and you can recover anything at any time from any location

Managed Web Protection

Web protection keeps your employees productive, your business safe from unwanted threats and your IT for businesses package firmly in your hands

Managed Antivirus

Viruses and other forms of attack continue to threaten businesses, but using a managed antivirus solution can keep you safe and protected

Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications

Effective communication is necessary for all businesses, and a hosted VoIP and unified communications package can help you to reach new areas

Web and Email Hosting

We provide cost-effective and unrivalled web and email hosting, with exceptional uptime guarantees and compatibility with all of the latest technologies

Mail Security and Continuity Services

It’s important that your mail is running constantly but is also protected consistently. Mail security and continuity services will keep your important communications safe and functional at all times.

Hardware Procurement and Deployment

We use our expert knowledge of the industry to ensure that you always have the best and latest technology and hardware deployed to you from our base in Birmingham

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Our comprehensive fully managed IT service packages can keep your business safe and growing. To discuss our IT services for business offerings further with one of the team, get in touch with our Birmingham office here.

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