Shesh Tech IT Services Trust CentreOur latest transparent information about Shesh Tech IT Services security practices, GDPR compliance, and updates about the operational state of our services.

Shesh Tech IT Services are secure by design. We are continually developing our processes as part of our regular rigorous security audits.

We aim to provide the best levels of service and support for all our clients at all times. This ensures we deliver the best value to your business and position ourselves as a true value-added solution provider.

All our own policies and processes are compliant with GDPR and privacy regulations. Not only this, but we demand this same level of compliance from our upstream providers.


Every member of our team conducts themselves according to our carefully managed security processes and workflows. This ensures that every bit of business we conduct is executed and based on industry best practice and education in the latests threats and security risks. These measures include cybersecurity training, IT security policies, and rigorous security testing.