Shesh Tech broadcast solutions keep communities close during COVID-19

The problem

When COVID-19 hit early 2020, all community centres, houses of worship and educational institutions were unfortunately forced to close. For these organisations which provide crucial communal and pastoral care to individuals and families, it was simply not an option to keep doors closed.

Even as these institutions begin to open again, not everyone can return in person due to shielding or capacity restrictions. The problem of how to serve their communities at the scale they need to remained a concern.

The solution

As a managed IT services company, with a deep social conscience Shesh Tech designed and implemented tailored solutions that harness the power of the common video conferencing platforms that have become part of our daily lives including Zoom, Teams, Youtube and Facebook Live.

By enabling these solutions to be used across different platforms, our clients are able to expand and vary their methods of reach and engage with their communities in a flexible way.

The results

Shesh Tech IT Services have installed these solutions across a range of community environments including houses of worship, community centres and educational institutions.

Shesh Tech are offering these solutions on flexible payment plans and for hire to accommodate long or short term use of these solutions to suit each of our community client’s needs.

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    HD Zoom solution for streaming services in St Johns Wood Synagogue, London