The Critical Importance of Network Monitoring

Your IT infrastructure, the software it uses, and the internet that it operates on forms one large, interconnected network of all kinds of devices and technologies. This is constantly running, ever-evolving, and having to respond almost daily to a host of new threats and attacks. The critical importance of network monitoring cannot be understated, and here’s why.

Attackers don’t sleep, so neither should you

Unfortunately, the large network of devices and infrastructure presents a fairly large target to hackers, and other malicious agents, all around the world. It seems that there is some kind of global hack or attack almost weekly, and the scope of these seem almost unpredictable. Think about the recent NHS attack that brought the health service to its knees.

Of course, it’s not just attacks that IT systems suffer, as they can also have numerous other problems, from hardware breaking to software crashing. There are thousands of different pieces that make up a network, and it’s crucial that they are constantly running seamlessly, as one fault could cause your whole business to halt.

A network is made up of many different parts
A network is made up of many different parts

How can you monitor your system?

So, you know the importance of network monitoring, but how can you do it? While the development of the internet has given rise to hackers, it’s also given rise to a number of innovative and cost-effective network monitoring solutions too.

Remote management

Remote management is one of the most efficient services that you can utilise to ensure that your network is monitored 24/7. Remote management outsourcing places the safe continuity of your network in the hands of external and expert IT partners.

Rather than having to worry about how your network is operating, you can have a team of experienced IT technicians and engineers monitoring your system for you. Better still, a truly expert team will be able to take a consultative role, identifying areas in your network where performance can be improved.

IT networking

IT networking involves the setup and connections of your IT system. This means that it includes everything from all of your devices, to all of your software, to all of your cables and plugs!

A proper IT networking solution will involve the most efficient and best-performing connectivity between all of your systems, helping to prevent any problems that may otherwise have arisen.

How can Shesh Tech help?

There are a number of IT support contracts that we can offer to you and your business to help monitor your network in the way which suits you best. Perhaps you want a full contract, a pay-as-you-go option as and when you need it, or perhaps just phone and helpdesk support.

We aim to work collaboratively with all of our clients, aiming to not only respond to problems if they arise, but to implement more efficient methods that can prevent these problems too.

By offering everything from a full-control service to a more pay-as-you-go approach, we truly offer clients a range of network monitoring services to suit their needs. Please get in touch with us here to find out more or call us on 0121 573 0081 for a friendly chat.