Essential Tips for Secure Business Web Hosting

If you’re a business operating in the modern age of technology, then there’s a good chance that you’re reliant on a website in some capacity. Perhaps you have one simply to have an online presence, or it may be that your revenue is totally reliant on an online store, in which case, your website is going to be pretty critical to you

Whatever your business reasons for having a website, the need to secure this website remains the same, particularly if you are processing payment details. Want to know how you can keep your website secure? Read on below.

Business web and email hosting

The first most important step for your business is to ensure that your website and email is hosted securely. Unless you are web savvy, it can be hard protecting yourself from the ever-evolving threat of spam, malware and phishing attacks. Not to mention employee mistakes!

It’s said that roughly one million new malware threats are released each day, and it only takes one of these to cause serious, sometimes permanent, damage to your business. To help avoid this, hosting your website with a third party provider means that you’ll have access to some of the best and most scalable website technologies on the market.

Secure web hosting
It’s important to keep your business website safe

One crucial service that this will provide is email hosting, which not only offers protection for your emails, but also ensure that they will continue to run in the event of any problems. This is known as email continuity, and means that one of the most crucial facets of your business communication can continue to run around the clock.

Finally, you may even want to consider using an Office 365 hosted email service. Created by the geniuses at Microsoft, it involves a group of services and subscriptions that not only offer secure email hosting, but additional tools such as Microsoft Word. It’s one of the most widely used email packages in the world, and everything will be hosted on Microsoft’s secure, robust servers.

Managed business web security

The next crucial step to take is to consider a managed business web security solution from a third party provider of expert IT technicians. This can help offer additional protection by:

  • Offering a robust and secure protection system which adds an additional layer of security to your website
  • Offering managed internet security access controls, which offers legal liability protection

Read more on our web security services here.

Combining these services together

This kind of solution, that involves a collaborative approach between you and your third party provider, can tackle all areas of your business; security, efficiency and productivity. Not only will this keep you and your customers safe, but it will help your business to grow too.

The right kind of IT experts are the ones who work with your business, not for it. There are always areas that can be improved when it comes to an IT infrastructure, and a consultative and strategic relationship is the best one. To find out more about how we can help with this, please read more on our approach here, call us on 0121 573 0081 or get in touch with us here.


Image credit: pixelcreatures