Technology Solutions and Services that deliver measurable results for charities and not for profit organisations

For charitable organisations, the name of the game is maximum return on investment. Not for profits often feel they are hamstrung by small IT budgets, growing needs for technical support and increasingly strict compliance requirements. Shesh Tech IT Services aim to address these challenges, as well as many other frustrations faced by the not-for-profit sector by providing a portfolio of scalable, tried and tested solutions that meet your organisation’s goals and provide the much-needed peace of mind that your technology strategy is being led by a team of experts dedicated to driving measurable success within your organisation.

Helping build communities through

Our robust Broadband and Wi-Fi solutions provide your organisation with the speed, security and scale that you need to operate. All our installations are backed by a guaranteed service level so you can be certain it will work – especially when you need it most.

A scalable unified communications solution is the key to any agile community focussed organisation. Our solutions improve productivity and collaboration, even whilst working remotely, all while reducing costs.

We implement all solutions according to our secure by design principles. The care sector have strict compliance requirements and industry regulations and we make sure all our solution adhere to the highest levels of data management practices.

Our tailored support services are centred around your organisation’s requirements. Our teams integrate seamlessly into your operations providing you with a wide range of skills that will help to achieve your goals.