Planning an Office Move – Relocating the IT

Are you going to soon be planning an office move? Whether you’re upgrading, downgrading or looking to move to a new city, your most important and most business-critical software and hardware will need to come with you too.

Part of this is your IT infrastructure, and it’s crucial that your business doesn’t stop just because you’re moving the office. By planning ahead, you can help to prevent this, and we’ve shared our top tips on relocating the IT.

Things to consider with an office move

There are some important steps that you must consider when planning to move your office, and it’s crucial to think about how your IT infrastructure can fit into this. You must ensure that you thoroughly plan your move first; create a timeline of events that clearly lays out for all members of staff what you hope to achieve, and by which dates. Office moves can typically take several months, so ensure that you give yourself plenty of time for this.

It’s crucial that all members of your team are involved in the office move in some regard.  Whether it’s actually helping with the move itself and the planning, or whether it’s just what role they may be assigned for business continuity while some systems are moved, each team member will need to play their part in some way.

Relocating the IT in an office move
Are you soon to be moving offices?

Make sure that you set aside a budget for the office move. Moving IT systems and infrastructure needs to be handled with delicate care, and it’s important that you choose the most suitable it relocation service for this.

IT consultancy and strategy

While it’s relatively simple to move items such as desks or chairs, an IT infrastructure can be a little more logistically complicated when it comes to a new setup. Whether you plan on incorporating new software and hardware into your office move, or simply be using the same equipment, it’s important that it’s setup in the most efficient way.

An IT consultancy service can be one of the best ways to do this. There’s little that we don’t know about IT, and we can ensure that your new office is setup in the best way for your business and its IT infrastructure.

Business continuity

It’s more than likely that your IT infrastructure is the core structure of your business, and if it isn’t online, then your business may not be either. By using a business continuity service, you can ensure that your organisation stays online around the clock, even if you’re in the middle of moving locations. Just ask yourself the question – “How long could we manage without our IT Systems?

By using hosted and managed services from third party providers, we can keep your key functions online and operational at all times, ensuring your customers will not be affected.

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