It’s safe to say that much of the world is dependent on the internet now, especially if you are a business. While many homeowners rely on an internet provider for their broadband service, business broadband is a completely different service. It is the only viable way to ensure that commercial organisations are able to operate smoothly and efficiently at all times. We’ve discussed more on this core service offering below.

What is a business broadband service?

Business broadband is exactly the same as the normal internet service that you would have, except it will be hosted and managed by us, rather than your usual internet provider. So, should there be a problem, you won’t have to sit on the phone for an hour to a call centre; you’ll be left in the capable hands of the experts to fix your problem quickly.

You can call us anytime, with no queues or voicemail services, and crucially, no overseas call centres. You’ll be speaking directly to one of our expert advisors based in our Birmingham, West Midlands office, who will have the problem resolved quickly for you, getting your business back to where it needs to be.

We will still supply your business broadband service using one of the most trusted and reliable internet providers in the UK, meaning you have the fastest service, but we will manage the process for you. This includes the broadband implementation for your business too.

Please read on below for more on our high-speed broadband implementation, as well as our broadband plans and broadband deals.

Broadband implementation

This service will be applicable for any business located in or around Birmingham, as we’ll need to work onsite to ensure that your broadband for business is setup correctly. For those based outside of Birmingham, we can still help to manage your current service. As a part of our implementation we can also provide Wi-Fi installation too. Please read on below for more information on our broadband plans.

It’s important you choose the right type of internet for your business
Shesh Tech business broadband

What are our broadband plans and deals?

We offer some of the most competitive and efficient high-speed broadband deals on the market, ensuring that your business receives the most cost-effective service possible. The broadband deals that we can offer will vary depending on its size and location, so please give us a call on +44 (0) 121 573 0081 for a tailored quote.

What can you expect from our business service?

Our broadband service is just part of our IT infrastructural offerings, which also include VoIP services and IT network services as just two examples:

  • A stable and secure internet connection to keep your business running smoothly
  • Ongoing support at all times should your business or its connectivity face any issues
  • Flexible plans, deals and contracts tailored to your own specific needs
  • An expert level of support, which is UK-based

Contacting Shesh Tech for high-speed broadband

Business broadband deals are just one of the many ways that we can help to give you a boost, keep your data secure, and to improve your level of service and communication. We have a wide ranging number of other services too, which you can read up on here. Alternatively, find our contact details here.


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