IT Service and Business Continuity Management

In the modern age, a large majority of a business, or sometimes an entire business, will be completely digital and online. This has provided companies with a huge number of benefits, namely that a business is able to trade and operate around the clock, provided that the systems stay operational.

Should these IT infrastructure systems go down; this can cause a lack of IT service continuity which causes an immeasurable number of problems for any business. This is why business continuity management has become such a crucial service for any company in this digital age. We’ve explained more on this key service below.

What is business IT service continuity?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small one-man band, of if you’re a huge, global corporate giant; business continuity management is a key component to the successful running of any company. It ensures that all of your systems stay online, key services remain active, customers stay happy and engaged, and ultimately your business is always moving forward.

We’ll ensure that your business runs around the clock
IT Business continuity

Problems and disasters can and do arise for businesses, but with our solid and robust business continuity service, hosted from our Birmingham offices, we can ensure that your business always stays protected and running smoothly.

How does our business continuity management service work?

Our service is what is known as a disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) package. It is hosted on a hybrid cloud infrastructure, meaning your business information and data is protected at all times. IT business continuity and disaster recovery inter-link as in the event of a disaster it is critical that all IT systems are functional and operational.

Whether you are based in Birmingham or not, we will be able to fully remotely monitor your business at all times, and depending on what support you need, will be able to provide quick and efficient support. Should you be based in and around Birmingham, we will also be able to provide on-site support too.

Business continuity management works in two primary ways:

  • The continuity aspect will ensure that your key business services and communication modes, such as emails, can continue to run even if your systems have failed.
  • While we work to get your systems back as fully operational, all of your data and information will have been backed up, allowing us to recover and restore everything that you need.

The key features that you can expect from a business continuity service

These are the services that you will be provided with through our IT business continuity and disaster recovery approach are:

  • A fully managed data and archiving service
  • Secure hosting for your data, information, systems, and applications
  • A managed data and network security service
  • Should there be a disaster, we’ll have a fully managed recovery service
  • Access to a robust and flexible hybrid cloud platform

Find out more about the services we have on offer

As well as managed backup and disaster recovery services, we also offer a huge range of other services too such as managed web security and hosted VoIP & business unified communications solutions.

For more information on these services, or how our IT service continuity works, please give our West Midlands office a call on +44 (0) 121 573 0081, or contact us here.


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