Hosted VoIP & Business Unified Communications Solutions

A flexible and cost-effective business solution

While many of the ways that businesses operate have changed dramatically in recent years, some necessities will always stay the same. For example, the need to make and receive telephone calls or send emails.

However, the nature of how these calls can be made has changed, and businesses are now presented with unique and innovative VoIP solutions (voice-over-IP) and hosted business unified communications solutions to take their communication systems away from on premise systems to cloud-based services.

VoIP solutions mean that your phone calls, which would historically be sent using the traditional telephone network, will now use the internet and the cloud instead. Hosted unified communication solutions go one step further, and allows all communications to be handled in this way, including email, fax, voicemail and SMS.

The benefits of VoIP solutions and business unified communications for a business are that it offers lower costs, faster speeds, a more manageable phone system, and reduces the physical space that needs to be taken up within an office.

Robust communications are essential in the modern age
Robust communications are essential in the modern age

Furthermore, an additional benefit of using Shesh Tech hosted VoIP solutions is that the whole process is managed for you by our team of expert IT engineers and technicians.

Reliable hosted VoIP for your business in Birmingham

Our expert team of VoIP and unified communications technicians, based here in Birmingham, West Midlands, can help to implement and maintain a powerful and feature-rich cloud based system for your business that is not only cost-effective, but will scale as your business grows too.

Working with big-name partners such as Cisco, Ubiquiti Networks and Grandstream, we are able to offer you a reliable, protected and powerful business VoIP system whether you are a home startup or a large, established business.

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Key features of business VoIP systems and unified communications solutions

Below are the key features of using a hosted VoIP or unified communications system:

Ease of use with numbers

Managed business VoIP systems mean that you have a great deal of flexibility and control when it comes to the number you want to use for your business, and how you want to use it.

You can choose your own telephone number, irrelevant of the geographical location of your business, and can even add additional numbers to have numbers from around the world. Alternatively, you can always port your old number to keep things simple.

A cost effective and powerful system

Most businesses have two goals on their minds; keeping costs down and scaling. Hosted communications systems offer businesses a cost-effective solution, to scale and grow as and when the business needs it.

You can also answer calls from any location, and even auto-direct callers to a pre-recorded menu system.

Find out more about business VoIP systems

We offer a feature-rich system that can help make the communications easier for your business at every level. If you want to find out more about how Shesh Tech can help, get in touch with our Birmingham office on +44 (0) 121 573 0081 or contact us here.


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