What are cloud based services?

The term “it’s saved in the cloud” has become a part of everyday business life, but what does this actually mean? Cloud computing is one of the latest technological advancements to hit the market in recent years, and its obvious benefits to companies and individuals alike has seen it become a staple part of the way in which a business is run.

But what does it actually mean to be “in the cloud”? To put it simply, cloud IT services have revolutionised the way in which businesses are able to both store, access and recover their data. Cloud hosting, as it’s also called, has become a virtual hard drive that stores all of your data over the internet, rather than internally on your computer systems.

Benefits of cloud technology

This has two primary benefits:

  • As your files and data are stored externally over the internet, you can easily access them and/or recover them at any time. This solves the problem that many people faced in the past of broken computers meaning forever lost files.
  • Secondly, it dramatically reduces the amount of storage space and server space that your business needs. This allows you to reduce your costs, both in terms of physical office space needed, as well as the costs that naturally come with server storage. Cloud solutions are always a cost-effective solution, and you can read more on how Shesh Tech can specifically help below.
Don’t worry, the term “in the cloud” isn’t literal!
Cloud IT services

What cloud solutions can Shesh Tech offer your business?

We at Shesh Tech are based in Birmingham, the West Midlands and are specialist cloud security providers. The beauty of cloud IT services means that you can store your data with us wherever you are in the UK, whether this is Birmingham or further out.

One of the biggest concerns on the mind of a business in the current technological age is that their data and information is protected. We take security and privacy extremely seriously at Shesh Tech, and thoroughly protect all of the data that we host through our cloud IT services.

Cloud security providers

As cloud security providers some of the cloud based services that we offer include a robust managed backup and disaster recovery solution, mail security and continuity services and more effective communications. There can be absolutely no doubt that cloud computing and cloud solutions are the future for any business, and it’s best that you use a cloud hosting provider that you can trust.

Key features of Shesh Tech cloud based services


A solution that will keep the costs of your business down

Secure storage

Your business files and data are kept secure and safe by us

Backup recovery

Should your business go through a disaster, your files will be backed up and ready for recovery

Remote Access

You can access your important data at anytime, anywhere in the world

Find out more about our cloud IT services

Cloud hosting and cloud computing are quickly becoming the norm, and we’d love to be able to help future-proof your business too. For more information about cloud based services, give our Birmingham office a call on +44 (0) 121 573 0081.


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