Do you have data that’s been lost which you haven’t previously backed up? We can help. Whether it’s corrupt data or data that seems to have disappeared, our data recovery service will ensure that your most business critical data will come back safe and sound!

What is data recovery?

Although the internet and the digital world has revolutionised our business lives, it also works in mysterious and complicated ways, and often errors can occur seemingly for no reason. This can leave networks down, systems inefficient, or can result in corrupt data.

Data recovery services allows for lost or deleted data to be recovered, or for data that has been corrupted to be restored to its original format. We can work with hard disk drives, RAID data, USBs and SSD cards.

It must be noted that it’s not always possible to recover data 100% of the time, but using an expert IT solutions company such as our own, dramatically increases your chances to restore data as we know all of the technical tricks that go beyond the norm.

What can you expect from our service?

Need help with your data?
Data Recovery from Shesh Tech

We’re based in Birmingham, so our service is most effective for businesses that are also based in the West Midlands area. This allows us to work with you effectively on-site, helping to restore data quicker and more efficiently.

However, we are able to run some of our services remotely, so if you having issues with your data; please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us; you can find out contact details listed below. Here are some aspects to consider about our data recovery services:

  • We will always work our hardest to recover to as near 100% of your business data as possible
  • Our team are highly experienced in this area, offering the best solutions on the market
  • We can offer emergency data recovery services for your business if it is time-critical
  • Shesh Tech will provide an ongoing support service for your business afterward, ensuring that measures are put into place to prevent any disasters striking again
  • We will also run an analysis of your business, looking at the reasons why your data was lost, and how to prevent this happening again in the future

Please make sure that you take action on securely backing up your data too to avoid any future problems like this. Again, you can find our contact details below where we would be more than happy to inform you on how we can help with this.

Find out more about our data recovery services at Shesh Tech

As well as our data recovery services, we also offer a managed backup & disaster recovery service to help protect your business before any disaster or corrupt data strikes. This is alongside the huge range of other services that we provide too. For more information on these, please call our Birmingham office on +44 (0) 121 573 0081, or get in contact with us here.


Image credit: Lorenzo Cafaro