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Why do you need a domain name?

Every website needs a domain online; this website domain is your brand’s identity. It helps to define how you want customers to view your business and exactly what it is that you do.

While a domain name isn’t the most crucial aspect in making your business a success, it is still important that you think carefully about it as you’ll want to keep the rest of your brand consistent with the domain name that you choose.

Your domain name is your online address. Just like 22 Acacia Avenue is a postal address, is an online address.

Winning business with a domain online

Your domain name should be focused either around the keywords that you want to target, or the brand that you are trying to build. If you’re an IT company, then perhaps you want the keyword “IT” or “Tech” in your website domain.

Alternatively, you may be building a business such as Apple, which bears no resemblance to your products, but you are attempting to make your website domain synonymous with the products and services that you sell.

Regardless of which approach you choose for your business, choosing your specific name marks your stamp on that particular title. Whether you’re building a brand or focusing on keywords, it helps you to keep competitors from drawing potential business away from you.

Expand your business with online name registration

Choosing a domain name and a website is just one way that you can expand your business and the level of interactivity that customers can have with it. What you do with your website once it is live is completely up to you, and it gives you a great opportunity to give customers and potential customers’ new information, advice, contact information, a marketplace to buy your products and services, and more.

Protect your business interests

Once you buy a domain, it’s almost like you’re purchasing a piece of digital real estate. It belongs to you, and it forms part of your brand which others, by law, can’t copy (providing you’ve laid out the appropriate copyright information). It’s just another way that you can help to scale your business.

Buy a domain name using Shesh Tech IT services

Although we are based in Birmingham in the West Midlands, we can help you to acquire the domain name that you’re looking to buy; this will be searchable all over the world. Use our search function below to start searching for your website domain.

We can help with all major domain address types, including .com,, .org, .net and many more.

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If you would like to find out more about how you can buy domain name or hosting solutions, you can contact our Birmingham office on +44 (0) 121 573 0081.


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