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Protecting your business with email security and cloud security

Despite the ever-changing world of business communications that involves new tools and software, email is still a crucial part of keeping a company running smoothly. Mail is reliant on a secure and stable network, and any attacks on this system or any downtime in email will result in a loss of productivity, issues with compliance regarding data loss, and a loss in revenue.

It’s crucial that you’re able to send and receive emails at all times
It’s crucial that you’re able to send and receive emails at all times

Just as it is crucial to have a robust form of communications, it is also crucial to have a robust email security and email continuity strategy in place too. While it’s fascinating to see how quickly technology is now developing, new email threats and attacks are also developing at a rapid rate too.

Implementing proper email security and continuity at a corporate level can be a complex issue, and it’s important that it’s done by the experts who can ensure that the system is robust, effective and scalable.

Historically, businesses have been less concerned with securing their email due to the perception of a lower risk, but the evolved landscape has shifted this focus with the knowledge that attacks can come at any time and from any angle.

With a continuous barrage of spam, viruses, phishing and malware attacks, a business that fails to place the right importance on security is risking a huge deal. Here at Shesh Tech, a Birmingham-based IT security and support company, we take email security and continuity extremely seriously.

Robust and reliable email services with Shesh Tech

You must keep your emails protected at all times
You must keep your emails protected at all times

Our email gateway security solution is perfect for any business at any stage to guard against email threats. Whether you are large or small, Birmingham-based or not, our solution is designed to protect you from attacks both in the UK and abroad, and to ensure that your mail continues to run round the clock.

We can filter all your inbound and outbound traffic, keep your bandwidth usage down, protect you from harmful attacks, have your emails run even when your network is down, and keep your business and brand alive.

Better still, we manage the whole process for you so that you don’t need to worry. We’ll keep your email secure and safe 24/7, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your business is running smoothly.

Key features – email security and continuity packages

Seamless Integration

Our IT technicians and engineers are experts in all of the latest software and hardware on the market so, regardless of which email infrastructure you use, we’ll ensure that we seamlessly integrate our systems into your own with great cloud security.

Robust Security and Infrastructure

We use multiple data centers distributed in various geographical locations, both in Birmingham and beyond, for the processing and storing of emails. All messages are encrypted (using AES 256-bit encryption) and are stored in a read-only and tamperproof format.

We use all the relevant email security protocols during the procedure, including enforced HTTPS, IMAPS, TLS-based message delivery and checksum technology, which analyses each email individually for integrity and helps to protect against email threats.

Threat Detection

Protecting against threats is one of the biggest worries on the mind of a business owner. Shesh Tech Mail Protection uses multiple technologies to offer zero-hour antivirus defence and malware and email-based threats detection. We can guarantee a 100% threat detection rate.

Spam Defence

While not quite as bad as threats, spam still poses a risk to businesses. Using real-time message source analysis, we are able to evaluate and analyse each email individually to assess its relevancy.

Protect Intellectual Property

A business collects a huge amount of intellectual property in its lifetime, and it’s imperative that this information is kept secure. We provide a tamperproof record of all communications which can be used to protect you legally should the need arise.


Network can’t always be relied upon, but businesses can’t afford for a lapse in continuity. We offer built-in email continuity to ensure that you can always access, respond to and send emails even if your email infrastructure is offline.

Email security and continuity from Shesh Tech

If you want to find out more about email security, cloud security or our other business services, you can get in touch with our Birmingham office, located in the West Midlands, here.



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