Office Move and IT Relocation

Moving your office and your IT infrastructure doesn’t have to be stressful

Moving your business to a new location can seem like a daunting task, especially when it comes to the IT infrastructure you’ve spent plenty of time getting just right! IT relocation services have been designed to help move some of your most precious business assets over to your new spot, minimising downtime and maximising efficiency in getting you setup quickly.

No matter how much of your data and information is now based in the cloud, you’ll still have a need for physical workstations, servers and other business IT equipment. These will all need to make the move with you to ensure that your business continues to run just as smoothly as it did before.

Read on below for more information on our relocation services in Birmingham, the West Midlands.

How can Shesh Tech help with IT relocation services?

Shesh Tech is based in Birmingham, and so our IT relocation services, which involve server relocation, computer relocation, research and project management, will only be suitable for any business in this area and around the West Midlands.

As we explained above, our package can include everything from initial research right through to the physical relocation itself. If you need help with scoping out a location that will be conducive to the efficient running of your IT systems, then we can help. If you’ve already found your perfect new spot and just need help moving and installing your infrastructure, then leave it to us.

Ready to make the move?
Office move and IT relocation

Chances are that your business IT infrastructure consists of a complex array of hardware, software, and cloud-based services, and it’s important that these things are both dismantled and re-installed in the right way. Otherwise, you may find that the whole system doesn’t work!

Thorough research

We’ll conduct the heavy research so that you don’t have to. Depending on your business setup, you may need more space for your computer relocation and server relocation, so this will require careful assessment beforehand

Project management

We go one step further than simple server relocation; we can manage the whole project from start to finish

Physical relocation

We know exactly how to dismantle and reassemble business IT equipment and infrastructures, so leave it to us!

Minimal business downtime

Your business will experience some downtime during relocation, but we ensure that this is kept to a minimum. Many of our other cloud-based services can ensure that you keep some business continuity throughout the move


Once your IT infrastructure is all set up and good to go, we’ll provide ongoing support and assistance should you have any technological issues

Ready to make the move?

If you need help moving, whether it’s finding your new perfect base in Birmingham or with simple computer relocation, we’re here to help. Either give us a call today on +44 (0) 121 573 0081 or visit our contact page here.


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