Remote Management and Remote Monitoring Solutions


What is remote management and remote monitoring?

Pretty much every business in the modern age will have some form of IT infrastructure, and this IT system is often critical to the success of a business. As we’re sure you know technology has a way of causing us problems at times, not to mention the evolving world of cyber-attacks and threats.

While some businesses do an effective job of keeping their IT infrastructure secure and running smoothly on-site, having IT experts offer server support and a remote monitoring service with a managed network around the clock can ensure that you’ll never have any problems.

This type of remote management service allows IT technicians and engineers to constantly monitor your IT systems and infrastructure, correcting any potential issues to minimise downtime and disruption. It also allows these technicians and engineers to take a proactive approach to the IT setup of your business, meaning tweaks and improvements can be made before any issues even arise.

Let Shesh Tech IT Services monitor your IT infrastructure remotely

Shesh Tech are based in Birmingham, West Midlands, but the beauty of remote monitoring solutions are that regardless of where your business is based, we can watch your IT systems so that you don’t have to.

This isn’t to say that we want you to leave all of the IT support to us and keep you out of the loop; we make sure to produce regular reports for you so that you can see the full picture gained from the remote monitoring service.

We use simple language and clear layouts, meaning you can quickly see how efficient, effective and healthy your IT systems are. Through this collaborative relationship, Shesh Tech can help your business to grow, scale and expand.

Key Features

Automated Monitoring

Spot problems early. Go fix them. It’s that simple!

It doesn’t matter what IT setup your business has, our remote management solution allows us to stay ahead of the game. Your systems will be monitored at all times, and we can quickly deploy software and patches to correct any problems.

Custom Scripting

Industry specific solutions? No problem!

Every business is different, and a custom scripting solution allows us to script, execute and track maintenance tasks that are specific to your business and its needs.

Remote Access

We are wherever you need us to be!

The benefit of remote monitoring solutions is that they can be managed at anytime, anywhere. We can give our clients a secure and seamless maintenance experience at all times, no matter the location.

Patch Management

Stop worrying about those pesky updates!

We can handle all software and hardware updates by regularly monitoring your systems, and should any updates start causing you problems, they can be easily uninstalled.

Shesh Tech Service Desk

Customer service. Made easy.

Part of our managed network is a service desk that allows us to offer customer support at all times, wherever you are based. Our simple ticket support system means that we can quickly action any problems that you may be having.


Proactively spot trends and opportunities

We can deliver a wide range of reports to our clients on their IT infrastructure, keeping your systems healthy and up-to-date.

how can we help you?

Contact us to discuss how we can help you grow through correct use of IT

Shesh Tech proposed a complete end-to-end IT strategy for our care home. They were thorough, agile and communicative throughout the entire implementation, and the project was completed on time and on budget. It’s refreshing to be able to rely on a company and realise the clear results. From day one we were operational!

Care Home Facility Manager

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