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Founder & Managing Director of Shesh Tech IT Services

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areas of expertise
  • IT Consulting
  • Cloud Computing
  • Managed Services
  • Network Design & Security

Personal Profile

Daniel Clements has been working across the information technology sector for many years, working in both IT consultancy and as managed services. This has given Daniel a unique perspective on how best to use technology and the cloud to quickly scale a company, as well as all of the various IT services a business must consider to stay protected and effective.

He founded Shesh Tech in 2016 to help deliver leading managed solutions to businesses around the UK, with a particular focus on Birmingham, located in the West Midlands. Daniel brings his knowledge of the industry, as well as partnerships with top software and hardware companies, to Shesh Tech, helping businesses with all things IT.

A hands-on approach is taken by Daniel at Shesh Tech, and he is heavily involved in each and every client project that the business is collaborating with. Collaboration is a key ethos of Daniel and Shesh Tech, where he looks to build relationships with clients and help them to understand why and how to stay protected, as well as how costs can be saved when it comes to IT infrastructure.

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    The threat of cyberwarfare is evident in every sector. 43% of businesses and 19% of charities reported cyber security breaches in 2018[i]. For businesses and charities, reputation is everything.  A high-profile attack  – which can be as little as a relatively small but highly sensitive data breach – can be enough to undermine consumer confidence

    June 5, 2019

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+44 (0) 121 573 0081
105 Bristol Road, Birmingham, B5 7TX

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