5 Predictions for Cloud Technology in 2018

Cloud technology is one of the most innovative developments in recent years, dramatically changing the business IT landscape for good. It has enhanced security measures, allowed for the delivery of software much easier, and created a great way for numerous IT services to be offered. Here are five predictions for the technology in 2018.

#1 The market will continue to grow in dominance

Cloud technology has become a crucial asset to businesses around the world, allowing for the creation of a range of services and software that before was never even thought possible. It is predicted that the cloud technology market will grow to around $178 billion by 2018, and that 50% of all businesses will use some kind of public cloud platform.

With almost half of companies around the world seeing the benefits in the cloud, they’re clearly on to something! If you haven’t joined the bandwagon yet, then you may want to think about it!

#2 The market will consolidate

Although the market will continue to grow, it will likely consolidate as well. That means that we can expect the big names to strengthen their position in the market, with that being Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Cloud technology
What’s next for the cloud?

The best services will be the ones offered by these providers, although that could be through an external IT agency too. Think our hosted 365 email service for example.

#3 An increase in protection against threats

2017 has been a year where there have been a number of high profile hacks, threats and data leaks. Large-scale public organisation like the NHS, and supposedly safe organisation like the NSA and CIA, have all faced threats.

For this reason, software and cloud technology developers are constantly thinking about ways that they can help to protect against these threats. That’s why cloud technology will offer further threat protection, mainly in the form of ransomware protection. This is a market predicted to be worth around $17.36 billion by 2020.

Having protection like this in place will greatly help with mail security and continuity.

#4 Prevention of data loss

Preventing data loss will be another key concern for businesses in 2018. One exciting way that this can be done is by combining cloud technology with machine learning and AI. For example, it could help to analyse high risk data, and organise it more effectively based on priority. This could be an important step when it comes to managed backup and data recovery solutions.

#5 The priorities of the service will change

It’s no longer about who can offer bigger or cheaper cloud storage. It’s about who can offer better, safer and more efficient services. Businesses are looking at how cloud services can transform their enterprises, rather than it just being an add-on, and we can expect this trend to continue in 2018.

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