Managing Security, Compliance and Confidentiality with Microsoft Office 365 Solutions

In a world where connectivity is becoming ever more prevalent, and data breaches, leaks and hacks continue to dominate the headlines, businesses are naturally turning one eye to security.

Finding solutions that provide robust and strong protection when it comes to security, compliance and confidentiality are therefore a must-have in the modern age. Microsoft Office 365 is one such a solution.

How does Microsoft Office 365 work?

Office 365 has become a central hub for a whole range of Microsoft services and subscriptions, including this such as Word and OneDrive. Utilising the cloud, it is part of a wave of new technologies that can be delivered without the need for onsite servers or expensive hardware.

Microsoft Office 365 Solutions
Microsoft’s solution places an emphasis on security

And, with the added bonus of being hosted by Microsoft, you are offered security from one of the largest tech companies on the planet. One of the key services of Microsoft Office 365 is its hosted email service.

Email is one of the primary communication methods used by business around the world, and so contains a whole host of information that must be kept confidential. As mentioned, this service will be hosted on Microsoft’s servers, granting you the level of protection that you need. And, better still, you can access this service from anywhere in the world.

Mail continuity

As well as having robust protections in place on your emails, you’ll also want to make sure that they will continue to run in the event of any disasters. This is especially the case given how important they are as a means of communication.

For this reason, mail continuity is one of the most important systems that you can have in place. This will be something that also comes as standard with the Office 365 package.

Web protection

However, it’s not just your emails that you need to protect, but also your website browsing and habits too. Would-be hackers are becoming ever more savvy when it comes to finding ways of deceiving and tricking internet users into scams and viruses. For this reason, web protection is a must for any internet user in the modern age.

Threats can hit you from a number of angles when it comes to the web. You may be completely clued up with the latest in hacking scams, but employee naivety can also be a huge cause for unwanted threats attacking your systems. It can be hard to stop such things when it is through no fault of your own. This is why web protection helps to add that extra layer of security to your IT infrastructure.

Safeguarding your systems

Office 365 isn’t the be all and end all security system when it comes to protecting your systems, although it offers a lot. By granting you access to some of the best software on the market, and offering security solutions, Office 365 can help you to manage your security, compliance and confidentiality.

Combine this with a web protection solution, and you will leave yourself in good stead to remain protected against unwanted threats. If you want to find out more about this, you can contact us here.


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