How to Add Wi-Fi as an Extra Customer Service to Your Business

A business broadband solution is great for boosting the efficiency of your operation and for allowing your workers to be as productive as possible. However, it’s not just employees and employers that this kind of Wi-Fi solution can benefit, but customers too. How can you do this?

Why might you add Wi-Fi as an extra customer service?

In this day and age, we are constantly looking to stay connected. Although data packages from mobile providers are constantly increasing, if we can find a free and fast Wi-Fi solution, then we will.

As a matter of fact, Wi-Fi has now become an offering by many businesses in an attempt to draw more customers in. Cafes and restaurants display stickers letting any potentially tech savvy customers know that they can log on, while enjoying their coffee, if they pop inside.

Wi-Fi can be a useful extra customer service

And, as people begin to realise the benefits of remote working, and this new trend is on the rise, more workers than ever are looking for spots of connectivity. There are clear benefits of this to businesses too. It was found that those places that offered Wi-Fi could enjoy a greater amount of foot traffic, customer time on premises, and customer spend.

Wi-Fi solutions for your business

Of course, it’s not just cafes and restaurants that offer free Wi-Fi. From this small-scale business to large airports, shopping centres or stadiums, there are businesses that want to cater to the needs of tens of thousands. For this, a strong solution is needed.

A business broadband Wi-Fi solution, provided and installed by us, will help you to achieve this. It offers a much higher level of bandwidth than individual broadband offerings provide, meaning you can cater for your much larger audience.

Better still, you can control how this Wi-Fi is used. Want to limit bandwidth per user? No problem. Looking to restrict access to certain websites or features? Simple. This will mean that you can offer the core service that the majority are looking for, while not having to worry about astronomical costs for your business.

How can I protect my own business?

If you’re worried about allowing access to potentially thousands of people, then it’s understandable if you have some concerns! That’s where a solid IT networking strategy comes in.

We’ve been working as an expert IT company for many years, and have plenty of experience when it comes to ensuring that your system is running smoothly, safely, and efficiently. We’ll ensure that it is setup to run both privately and publicly for those who want to access your free Wi-Fi offering.

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