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Office 365 is a range of applications from Microsoft which integrate seamlessly together and work well with businesses, charities, government, at home and in education. Here at Shesh Tech, we have a range of specialist hosted services for Office 365, which we detail in this article.

The basic components of Office 365

Here are the software applications, which form the Office 365 suite:

  • Access – database applications
  • Excel – for spreadsheet processing
  • OneDrive – for cloud applications
  • OneNote – for note taking
  • Outlook – for email management
  • PowerPoint – for presentations
  • Publisher – for desktop publishing
  • Word – for word processing

When subscribing to Office 365 the software is always up to date via automatic updates, whether desktop or online versions are used.

Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Office 365 – a great solution for all sizes of organisations

Other add-ons to Office 365

Other applications are available to for more specialist requirements, these include Infopath (for electronic forms), Planner (for planning and project management), Skype (for video conferencing), Teams (for chat and meetings), etc. There are other applications too, speak to us at Shesh Tech for specific applications advice or visit the Microsoft Office 365 official site.

Office 365 hosted solutions

Any of the above applications can be managed as a hosted solution via the cloud and internet-based technologies, which brings the benefit of reduced local server and infrastructure management. This is particularly ideal for organisations with home workers and provides remote desktop capability wherever an employee is across the world.

Shesh Tech can enable any of the above applications to be accessed remotely and encourage enquiries, so contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Whatever device your employees use we can arrange secure connection to Office 365 hosted solutions. This includes fixed desktops, laptops, PDAs, mobile phones and any other devices used within the organisation.

Office 365 hosted email management through Outlook

Shesh Tech are particularly specialists in the implementation of Outlook hosted email solutions, which tend to be more complex in nature than many of the other applications (e.g. Word or Publisher). Expert advice is needed to implement and configure Outlook and to manage the process A-Z (including migration from the current system).

Office 365 hosted emails via Outlook are ideal for organisations to remotely manage their emails securely and safely. With the backup of Microsoft, organisations can rely on major security functionality in what is one of the most commonly used hosted email applications in the world.

The Outlook 365 hosted email system is managed directly through Microsoft’s own highly resilient and high-speed server infrastructure. Using these servers dramatically reduces organisational workload and also risks (e.g. hacking attempts and not applying patches, etc.)

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