Cloud Data – is it Really Safe and Secure?

If you have any involvement in the world of IT at all, whether it’s working for a technology company or just with personal use computers, then you’ll no doubt have heard of ‘the cloud’. It’s become such an important and widely used piece of technology that it’s even a term that has found itself a home within the Oxford Dictionary.

It is often touted as the best place to store all of our files. Whether it’s personal photos or confidential documents, many rely on the services offered by the cloud as a means of safe and secure storage. But just how safe and secure is it really?

Cloud computing

It’s safe to say that cloud computing is one of the most prevalent services that enterprises make use of in the modern age. One survey found that around 85% of all enterprises had a multi-cloud strategy in place.

Cloud data has become so much more than the simply storing of a few files. Whole businesses can now be based in the cloud. Core services and pieces of software are now often delivered or hosted through the cloud.

The Cloud
Just how safe is the cloud?

Shesh Tech stand ready to help you take full advantage of this cloud software. You can enjoy remote access to your files, which will have been safely and securely stored, anywhere on the planet. We’ll use only the very best providers, who guarantee the safety and security of all those concerned.

There are, of course, risks involved to using this type of technology, but it is worth mentioning that most of the high profile data leaks in recent times have been from internal servers, not cloud-based servers.

Email security and continuity

One of the most important aspects to any modern day business is the use of email as a primary communication tool. Naturally, cloud services have offered email as one of their solutions too. For example, Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most popular.

One of the largest benefits of a service like this is the fact that it not only adds an additional layer of security to your mail, but will ensure it is able to continue in the event of a disaster. For this reason, not only is the cloud secure, but it can also be a life-saver should anything go wrong with your business!

Data recovery

Tied in with this is its ability to allow you to recover any data that you have backed up in the event of such a disaster. A cloud has removed the need for you to have all of your data backed up on servers onsite. Now, hosted and kept secure by an external party, you’ll be able to tap into it anywhere in the world should you need to.

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We hope that the above article has helped to alleviate any worries or doubts that you may have had regarding the safety and security of cloud data. But, should you wish to discuss this topic further, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us here.


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